Nowadays, hand care especially nail care plays an increasingly important role in a woman’s beauty and elegance. Whether its nail glitter or chic nail jewelry, there is a fashion enthusiast in all of us. Some have it moderate while others want to go all the way with loud yellows, reds or gothic matte black etc.
Decorating your nails has become very easy, you can either use a professional salon or purchase your own home DIY kit.
Nail Salon
As simple as it might sound, finding a good salon, or a good nail tech, is not very easy. If you are a new in your area, choosing the right nail salon can be a little tricky. You need to be sure of the technicians work before you engage them. Ask them for samples of their own work, around their work area for neatness and proper tools. You will get a vague idea before you commit to them.
Nail Salon Prices
There are no set nail salon prices, professional nail technicians and obviously higher than they newbie counterparts. Also, nail products vary. Acrylic nails, gel nails, nail art all come with different prices, however if you wand beautiful nails and you are on a budget, you can consider a home diy kit.
Stick on Nails
You don't need to spend huge amounts in salons every time you want to make your hands look more beautiful. Style up yourself at home with a complete nail did kit from lovely nails. Beautiful nails don't only make your nails more beautiful but also give you a sense of satisfaction and confidence. For close to half the saln cost, you can purchase your stick on nails to last you a couple of months and never go a day without beautiful nails.
Stick on Nail Polish
I had never heard of stick-on nail polish until I saw the product on, I read the reviews and a lot of customers are quite satisfied with the product. I have since ordered a pack of my faviurite colour and will come back with the results.
Nail Art
 If you love painting your nails then it is time to give up ordinary nail paints and go for nail art. Not only does your hands and nails look more beautiful but nail art also adds considerably to your style statement. Do not let your beautiful hands look simple with normal nail paints. Make them look attractive by applying nail art. You don't always need to visit a salon to get your nails done, you can buy the nail art materials from LovelyNails and do it easily at home. The Nail Art section has full of amazing products for you. There are tattoos, glitters and various stones that can be stuck on your nails to give them an artistic feel. In the nail art section you can also find appropriate glue to stick the desired materials on your nails. They are available in various colours so you can make them perfectly match with your dress. Black and white lovers, you need not be disappointed as there are nail art available for the base colours too. Even if your nails are short, you need not worry as nail extensions are also available.