Exploring the World of Fashion: Tomi Rikhotso's Dresses

Tomi Rikhotso, a budding fashion designer hailing from the vibrant township of Soweto in South Africa, is making waves in the fashion industry with his innovative designs and unwavering dedication. Born and raised in a home where creativity and craftsmanship were valued, Rikhotso's journey into fashion was heavily influenced by his mother, a skilled dressmaker. This early exposure to the art of sewing laid the foundation for a promising career in fashion design.

Rikhotso's path towards becoming a fashion designer wasn't always straightforward. He initially envisioned himself pursuing a degree in civil engineering after completing high school. However, his passion for fashion took hold during a pivotal moment in his life. Rikhotso used his gap year, spent applying to universities and seeking scholarships, to explore his newfound interest.

During this time, he delved into the world of fashion, creating handbags that showcased his innate talent for design and craftsmanship. While navigating the complexities of university applications, Rikhotso crossed paths with a representative from a youth development center, who recognized his potential and encouraged him to enroll in a fashion designing learnership program.

This opportunity served as a stepping stone for Rikhotso's career, honing his skills and expanding his knowledge in the field of fashion design. The combination of technical skills acquired at a high school with a strong foundation provided by his mother's teachings set the stage for his future success.

One of the challenges Rikhotso encountered in his journey was working with clients who had rigid and often unrealistic expectations. Many clients came with specific designs in mind, some even requesting replicas of outfits created by renowned designers such as David Tlale. However, Rikhotso remained committed to his artistic integrity, emphasizing the importance of crafting unique and original designs that reflected his creative vision.

In 2018, Tomi Rikhotso received his big break when the popular South African singer, Shekhinah, approached him for a collaboration. This marked a turning point in his career, with Shekhinah becoming his first celebrity client. Shekhinah's trust in Rikhotso's creative abilities allowed him to showcase his talent on a much larger stage. Following this, Rikhotso's clientele expanded to include notable figures in the South African entertainment industry, such as Zahara, Busiswa, and Rami Chuene.

As he continues to build his brand and gain popularity, Rikhotso is on the verge of opening his own store, which will offer ready-to-wear clothing while also serving as a fitting and collection point for customers seeking custom-made outfits. This endeavor signifies his commitment to providing his clients with not only top-notch fashion but also a personalized and convenient shopping experience.

Exploring the World of Fashion: 50+ Iconic Tomi Rikhotso Dresses 

Rikhotso's dedication and unique design sensibilities have earned him not only a devoted local following but also international recognition. With growing demand for his services, the young designer has started to receive requests from clients both within South Africa and abroad. Here we take a look at 50+ Iconic Tomi Rikhotso Dresses.

A Tomi Rikhotso design

A Tomi Rikhotso traditional dress

African print design by Tomi R


 African Print designer dress Tomi Rikhotso dress

 African Print Tomi Rikhotso designer dress

 Ayanda Ncwane in Tomi Rikhotso Dress

 Beautiful bride Dressed by Tomi R

 Beautiful Drop Shoulder Beaded Dress by Tomi Rikhotso

 Beautiful Gold and Black Tomi Rikhotso dress



 Beautiful Outfit by Tomi Rikhotso

 Beautiful Shweshwe Dress by Tomi Rikhotso

 Beautiful Tomi Rikhotso design

 Beautiful Tomi Rikhotso traditional dress

 Beautiful Tsonga Print Design by Tomi Rikhotso

 Black and Gold Tomi Rikhotso designer dress

 Black Tomi Rikhotso Traditional Dress for couple

 Black Tomi Rikhotso Traditional Print Dress

 Colourful Tomi Rikhotso Traditional Dress design



 Gold and Black Dress by Tomi Rikhotso

 Gold and Blue Shwshwe Shirt for men by Tomi Rikhotso

 Graduation Outfit Tomi Rikhotso

 Hi Lo Tomi Rikhotso dress

 Layered Beaded African Print Tomi Rikhotso dress

 Maduvha Madima Dressed by Tomi Rikhotso

 Masechaba Ndlovu in a Design by Tomi Rikhotso

 Orange and Black Xhosa Dress by Tomi Rikhotso

 Rami Chuene in Tomi Rikhotso design

 Red Cocktail Dress by Tomi Rikhotso

 Red Xhosa Traditional Dress by Tomi Rikhotso

 Relebogile Mabotja Dressed by Tomi R


 Short designer dress Tomi Rikhotso dress

 Shweshwe dress by Tomi Rikhotso

 Stunning Yellow and Black Tomi Rokhotso Design

 Swati dress by Tomi Rikhotso

Tomi Rikhotso African Print Graduation Outfit

 Tomi Rikhotso Graduation Outfit

 Tomi Rikhotso Traditional Dress designer dress

 Tomi Rikhotso Xhosa lace design

 Tomi Rikhotso

 Tomi Rikhotso Green and Gold Design

 Tomi Rokhotso Xhosa Design for men


 Tsonga attire for couples in Tomi Rikhotso Dress

 Tsonga Tulle Tomi Rikhotso designer dress

 Tsonga Wedding Dress by Tomi Rikhotso

White dresswith Sheshwe trim by Tomi Rikhotso

 Xhosa attire by Tomi Rikhotso Dress

 Xhosa dress by Tomi Rikhotso


 Xhosa inspired detachable over skirt by Tomi R

 Yellow dress Tomi Rikhotso dress

 Yellow Siswati traditional dress by Tomi Rikhotso

 Yellow Tomi Rikhotso Traditional Print Dress



Tomi Rikhotso's inspiring journey from a small township in Soweto to the global fashion scene serves as a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the nurturing influence of family. With his unwavering dedication to originality and innovation, he is undoubtedly a rising star to watch in the South African fashion industry. You can view Tomi Rikhotso's Instagram here.