Lufi D

Ready-made traditional dresses are more than just garments; they are symbols of pride, identity, and belonging. In South Africa, where cultural heritage is deeply cherished and celebrated, these dresses serve as a bridge between the past and the present, honoring age-old traditions while embracing the spirit of innovation and creativity. Whether worn for special occasions, cultural events, or simply as a way to connect with one's roots, ready-made traditional dresses hold a special place in the hearts of South Africans, embodying the beauty and resilience of their diverse and dynamic society.

Buying ready-made African print dresses offers numerous advantages over custom-made options. Firstly, they are more affordable due to mass production, making them accessible to a wider range of customers. Additionally, ready-made dresses are convenient, readily available for purchase without lengthy consultation or waiting periods. They also offer a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Ready-made dresses reflect current fashion trends, ensuring customers stay stylish without the need for customization. They are also accessible internationally, allowing individuals worldwide to embrace African fashion. Finally, ready-made dresses are easier to replace or repair in the event of damage. Overall, while custom-made dresses offer personalized tailoring, ready-made options provide affordability, convenience, variety, accessibility, and ease of replacement.

Ready Made Traditional Dresses in Johannesburg

Lufi D

Lufi DIf you are looking for the fashionable, trendy Ethnic wardrobe Lufi D is the place to go. Lufi D is the brand for those who are a bit more bold and fearless to flaunt their love of bright colours and unapologetic prints. So if you want to make a statement, then their ranges are definitely worth investing in. 

Lufi D has an online store and physical branches strategically located in key cities such as Pretoria, Southgate Mall, Rosebank, Pretoria, Polokwane, Maponya Mall, Maboneng, Durban, and Cape Town, Lufi D makes it effortless for fashion enthusiasts to indulge in the richness of African culture with their ready made traditional African print dresses.

Lufi D, takes pride in their commitment to using South African sourced materials, ensuring not only the authenticity of our collections but also supporting local artisans and communities. Their designs blend traditional African prints with contemporary fashion trends, resulting in exclusive ranges that resonate with a diverse clientele.

Bow Africa

Bow Africa Fashion


Bow Africa Fashion has an online store with a surprisingly large assortment of African printed dresses. They also offer stunning bold accessories to suit your outfit of the day. We’re talking neckpiece sets, bangles and earrings – they’re absolutely fabulous! They have Shops in Johannesburg, Junction Mall, President and Troy Street. 


P and H Boutique

P & H Boutique


P&H boutique has established itself as the shopping destination of many South Africans looking for high quality convenient shopping for ready made African print fashion clothing. All clothing and accessories are hand-made from scratch with careful attention to detail, using the highest quality African wax print fabrics. P & H have continued to increase their presence in upmarket shopping malls in major cities in South Africa.


Kisua African Fashion Boutique


Based in Sandton, Kisua provides contemporary ready-to-wear fashion: Inspired by Africa, Made by Africa. Global shipping. Free shipping US, UK, South Africa.



Other Places To Get Ready Made Traditional Dresses in Johanesburg 

Market Street

Market Street in Johannesburg is a bustling hub of culture and commerce, where the vibrant spirit of South Africa comes alive. Along this storied thoroughfare, one can discover a kaleidoscope of ready to wear traditional dress shops, each offering a unique glimpse into the rich tapestry of the country's heritage. From brightly colored fabrics adorned with intricate beadwork to elegantly tailored garments steeped in centuries-old traditions, these shops showcase the diverse array of styles and craftsmanship that define South African attire. Whether seeking a traditional Zulu ensemble, a Xhosa-inspired gown, or a Ndebele-inspired attire, Market Street's traditional dress shops offer a treasure trove of options for those looking to embrace and celebrate the cultural heritage of the nation. With its bustling atmosphere and eclectic array of offerings, Market Street is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking to immerse themselves in the beauty and diversity of South African traditional attire.

Pritchard Street

Pritchard Street in Johannesburg is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse array of cultural offerings, and its traditional dress shops are no exception. Here, amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, one can find an eclectic mix of shops showcasing traditional attire from various South African cultures. From intricately beaded Zulu garments to brightly patterned Xhosa dresses and elegant Sotho designs, Pritchard Street's traditional dress shops offer a wide array of options for those looking to explore and celebrate the rich tapestry of South African heritage. Whether you're searching for a special occasion ensemble or simply eager to immerse yourself in the colors and textures of African culture, Pritchard Street is the perfect destination to embark on a journey of discovery and appreciation for traditional attire.

Ready Made Traditional Dresses in Pretoria

1) TN Collective

Zulu Design by TN Collective

TN Collective
, short for Tuelo Nguyuza Collectiv, is more than just a brand—it's a celebration of the modern woman, embodying the fusion of grace and strength in every piece. Founded by Tuelo Nguyuza, a visionary designer hailing from Pretoria's Ga-rankuwa, the brand is a testament to the transformative power of fashion and its ability to reflect the essence of individuality. See more >  

2) The Divine Style

The Divine Style

Located in the vibrant Middestad Mall of Pretoria Central, The Divine Style is a premier destination for those who appreciate the richness and diversity of African fashion. With a commitment to celebrating cultural heritage while embracing contemporary trends, The Divine Style offers a curated selection of clothing and accessories that embody elegance, sophistication, and authenticity.  See more > 

3) Divine Touch By Lemc

Divine Touch by Lemc

Divine Touch by Lemc
 stands as a beacon of excellence in the heart of Pretoria Central, representing the epitome of premium South African fashion. With a legacy of craftsmanship and innovation, they specialize in creating luxurious clothing tailored for every occasion, meticulously designed and crafted by their team. See more >

 4) Sleek Afrik

Sleek Afrik

Nestled in the heart of Pretoria East's Faerie Glen, Sleek Afrik stands as a testament to the fusion of tradition, elegance, and innovation in African fashion. Founded by the visionary Creative Director, Mrs. Ophelia Onibon, Sleek Afrik was born from a passion for dressmaking and a commitment to supporting local South African women in craftwork. See more > 

5) A Brand Called You

A Brand Called You

The seeds of A Brand Called You were planted in the shared love for fashion and excellence. Co-owners Tshilidzi Nelwalani and Mushavhi Peter Mbelengwa began their entrepreneurial journey by reselling clothes, hustling to collect stock from Johannesburg while leveraging the power of social media to connect with clients both locally and internationally. See more > 

6) Lufi D

Plus size shweshwe dress by Lufi DWith an online store and physical branches strategically located in key cities such as Pretoria, Southgate Mall, Rosebank, Pretoria, Polokwane, Maponya Mall, Maboneng, Durban, and Cape Town, Lufi D makes it effortless for fashion enthusiasts to indulge in the richness of African culture. See more >