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A poem for Fathers day

They have just one day in a year but somehow it is underrated, relegated and under-celebrated Read more...

White truffles are amongst the most expensive foods in the world.









The Most Expensive Foods In the world

These Culinary delights are off limits to those without ridiculous amounts of money to spend - the most expensive foods in the entire world. Unless you’re amongst the super rich yourself Read more...

Signs You Are Further Ahead
In Life Than You Think

We have all had that period in our lives where
we feel, regardless of what happens, we simply
have nothing positive going for us.


12 Signs you're in the Middle

Some of you aspire to move into the middle
class, some of you will realise you are actually
in it and for a small portion of you, this is so far
behind you, you never want to go back again.

Zulu Design by TN Collective

Traditional Dresses in South Africa

Browse latest African Fashon Designs by top

Designers in South Africa. See more >

 Venda Wedding Decor

Umembeso Decor Ideas

Our selection of trending Umembeso decor ideas will help you to translate your traditional African wedding vision to get the perfect blend of colours. Read more>

Umembeso Dress

Planning For Umembeso

Tips for the planning your Umembeso. Prepare for your special day and ensure everything is perfect and in order. See More >


Stylish Shweshwe Dress

Stylish Shweshwe Designs

Shweshwe prints never go out of fashion.
Designers are working round the clock to bring fresh designs. Read more >


Love and Relationships

Most of us have made a lot of mistakes trying to
choose a person for your life before your develop
a full understanding of yourself, and so you choose a
person that is right for you at that time, See More >

Nice Umembeso Food Layout

Umembeso Menu Ideas

Apart from the lavish African Outfits, Décor, and pomp celebrations, you need to plan for a sumptuous menu. Read More >

Shweshwe Dresses with Lace

Shweshwe dresses with lace can be more expensive than other dresses but the regal look is worth every cent. The extra cost is associated with the cost of the labor to hand-sew lace onto the dress. Read more:


Plus Size Style Inspirations From Oprah

Oprah never shys away from bold wardrobe choices. Her boisterous personality and tendency for screaming introductions practically requires a standout wardrobe. She put her very valuable stamp of approval on several fashion trends: Read more:

Meet Samira Bawumia

Known for her style of dressing which many adore, the Second lady of Ghana is a popular subject of discussion on various social media platforms is the second lady of Ghana. Read more:

White_wedding_converse_shoes.jpg - 14.14 kB

Blinged Converse Bridal Designs

A comfortable pair of sneakers on your big day
can save you & let you focus on what’s much more important. Read More:

 Beautiful_car_deco_design.jpg - 20.34 kB

Wedding Car Decor Designs

Discover latest trends & get ideas to spruce up your
wedding car. Drive off as most stylish couple with these wedding car decoration ideas. Read More.

 Beautiful_African_Doek_and_Maks.png - 549.45 kB

Fashionable African Print Masks

Get inspiration from our wide selection of fashionable African Print Maks. See More >

Hairstyles for the African Women

Find the best hairstyle to suit your facial shape. Draw inspiration for your next hairstyle from our selection of trending hairstyles for black women. Read More:


African Print Nail Designs

You can either use a professional salon or purchase your own home DIY kit to keep you hands looking beautiful. See More >



Modern Umbaco Designs

Find the best hairstyle to suit your facial shape. Draw inspiration for your next hairstyle from our selection of trending hairstyles for black women. Read More >

 How to cover belly fat and still look sexy

20 Ways to Hide The Mkhaba and Still Look Sexy

As many other women can relate, it may take time for your body, and especially your tummy, to fully recover from pregnancy, the below African style suggestions can help you step out in style. Read More >