Boerewors toad in the holeBoerewors is a special type of sausage which originates from South Africa. The difference between a normal sausage and boerewors is the percentage of actual meat content, this makes Boerewors more expensive because it contains 90% meat, the rest are spices, usually toasted coriander seed, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves and allspice. Yes you can make your own boerewors.

The boerewors sausage is important and quite popular in the South African Cuisine. Generally, you need to use moderate heat when cooking a boerewors, this will ensure it cooks well through. Using high heat will brown the outside when the inner remains uncooked. If you are fyiing or braaing boerewors, you may only increase the heat when it has cooked well. 

boerewors braaied in South Africa, but there are many ways to cook it:

1. Boerewors toad in the hole

Boerewors toad in the hole

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2. Boerewors Stew

Boerewors Stew

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3.Boerewors Hotdog

Boerewors Hotdogs

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4. Boerewors with Pap and Kale

Boerewors with pap and kale

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5. Sweet and Sour Boerewors

Sweet and Sour Boerewors

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6. Boerewors burger with Avocado and Bacon

Boerewors burger with Avocado and Bacon

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 7. Boerewors with Fried Rice

Boerewors with fried rice

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8. Tomato and Boerwors Moor

Tomato and Boerewors Moor
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9. Boerewors and Butter Beans Stew

 Boerewors and Butter Beans Stew
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10. Boerewors and Tomato Pilau

Boerewors and Tomato Pilau

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