How to Cook Meat

Meat is an important part of our diet and there are many ways to cook meat, roasting it in an oven, grilling it, or searing it in a pan. Whichever method of you choose, always make sure you cook your meat well to prevent any foodborne illnesses.

Whether is the perfectly grilled beef cuts, succulent pork or a juicy chicken breast, mastering the art of cooking meat is often seen as the pinnacle of chef mastery. Making sure your meat it is perfectly cooked every time is an impressive skill, often borne out of years of practice.

Going back to the basics, we will go over our favorite methods of cooking. Explore our collection of guides for cooking meat to perfection, from the prolific beef and chicken to lesser-cooked specimens such as rabbit as well as your seafood selection of fish, mussels and crab.


How to cook chicken

 How To Cook Chicken

Chicken is one of the most versatile foods in the world, it can be roasted, boiled, baked, fried, grilled, sautéed, or braised. 

There are 100's of chicken recipes out there, today we are getting back to the basics and going over our favorite methods of cooking chicken. See more >




How to cook beef

How To Cook Beef

Not every cut of beef is tender, we have the scoop on
how to make tough meat tender with just a few simple steps.

 We also have tips for cooking your tender cuts and the various
cuts of beef. See more >




How to cook pork


How To Cook Pork

Whether pan-fried, oven-baked or grilled, the most important thing with any cut of pork is to cook them right. As good as pork chops are,  sometimes they can end up a bit dry. We've compiled the best ways to cook pork chops so they stay tender, moist, and delicious. See More>



How to cook mutton


How To Cook Mutton

Mutton is meat from a slightly older lamb and because of this, the meat is stronger and has a more gamey flavor. Slow cooking techniques are the best ways to cook Mutton to give it a richer, more mellow flavor. See more >  


How to cook Fish 

How To Cook Fish

There are many types of fish and many ways to cook it. It is best to resist the temptation to overcook fish until it flakes. Whether grilling, baking, roasting, boiling, discover ways to cook fish perfectly. Read more >



 How to Cook Turkey 

How To Cook Turkey

Cooking a turkey may seem like a big job, it actually isn't! We have compiled some tips from top chefs around the world to help you get that perfectly cooked, magazine picture cooked Turkey. See More >


   How to Cook Rabbit


How To Cook Rabbit

Rabbit meat has a faint gamey, sweet flavor, and an enjoyable texture. Often regarded as a stronger form of chicken, rabbit is an all white meat that’s lower in cholesterol than chicken or turkey. This rich game meat is delicious when slow-cooked in stews, roasted or served in pies. See More >



 How to cook Crab Meat

 How To Cook Crab Meat

Crab meat is light and sweet. Whether you are cooking summer blue crabs or winter Dungeness crabs, the sweetest, most tender crab is a fresh crab, just-cooked. The good news is that cooking crabs are super easy! See more >


 How To Cook Lobster

How To Cook Lobster

Lobster meat can be eaten on its own, put in sandwiches, in salads or pasta dishes. Discover tips and tricks on how to cook a lobster perfectly each and every time! See More >




How To Cook Oysters


How To Cook Oysters

There are many ways to cook oysters, they can be steamed,  baked, grilled, boiled or eaten raw. We have compiled the easiest and best methods to prepare and cook oysters. See More >





How to cook Prawns

How To Cook Prawns

Fresh prawns and shrimp are not only tasty, they are surprisingly simple to prepare and can be a great addition to any dish.   Whether cooked in their shell on the barbecue, or peeled and steamed for fresh summer salads, you can easily wow any dinner guest with these simpe tips. See More >