94 Coolest Dashiki Designs To Wear In 2022

Have you heard of the dashiki? If not, your fashion-forward friends have, and they are going to be all over this trend.

The dashiki is a long African garment that has been gaining popularity in American culture for years now. While it was originally worn by men as formal wear, it's become increasingly popular with women lately. Word on the street is that this trend isn't going away anytime soon!

What is a Dashiki?

Dashiki is a Traditional African garment with a long history in the continent, a West African dress that has been worn in different forms since the 17th century. Over time, it has morphed into what we see today – a small top and large flares of colorful fabrics.

It is believed that they were introduced to the continent by Muslim traders from the East. Although there are many variations of dashikis, they all share common characteristics; they are made from bright and colorful fabrics, have no specific shape or design and can be worn by both men and women.

Welcome to the future

Dashikis are really in right now, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the African thing. Either way, they’re trendy, and they’re in fashion. 

I love the dashiki for two reasons: the comfort and the style. The fabric is very soft and breathable, allowing you to feel cool on hot days. And the design possibilities are endless! You can wear it as a dress or as a shirt paired with jeans. You can even wear it with shorts! There's no limit to what you can do with dashiki.

90+ Coolest designs for Women!

The dashiki trend is back at full force and these designs are some of the coolest and most creative ones out there! These dashiki designs will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. If you are planning to buy one, we have compiled a list of top Dashiki designs that will suit any taste.  Here’s a list of 94 awesome dashiki designs that you can wear in 2022. 
















































































Dashiki Jumpsuit


Dashiki Dress on White


 Beautiful Dashiki Dress


Dashiki Sleeveless Design

Dashiki On Denim


Green Dashiki Pants Outfit


Halterneck Dashiki Dress


High Collar Dashiki Dress


High Low Dashiki Dress


High Waist Dashiki Design


High Waist Dashiki Skirt


White and Pink Dashiki Dress