10 Latest Natural Dreadlock Styles For Ladies 2019The Pedi traditional attire is the most colourful of the South African Traditional Dresses. SePedi attire is made mostly in combinations of bright pinks, turquoise, Yellow sometimes blue and white. The rich and vibrant colours represent happiness. 

The Sepedi Traditional womens' attire will include the "hele" (the inner fabric which is tied on the waist) "metsheka" (a cloth tied on the top part of the dress) to match the "moruka"head accessory. Doeks or headscarfs also form part of the Pedi traditional Attire. 

Much like most cultures in South Africa, The Pedi people, are renowned for their bead work designs with rich colours. Traditional outfits for women  can range from calf length skirts, pleated blouses and long voluminous dresses. Common designs found on Pedi clothing includes; pleats, embroidery or ribbon trimmings. 

Age old traditional SePedi attire included a front apron (ntepa) and back aprons (lebole) for women which were made from strips of animal skin. These traditional aprons are no longer worn, they have been replaced with modernised waist cloths. 

Pedi men wear colourful kilts as part of their traditional attire. It is still not known how these traditional kilts came to be part of the Pedi Traditional Attire for men. Many myths and stories about the origin of these kilts have been shared through folklore. 





SePedi Traditional Dresses 2022


Blue Sepedi Dress V neck


Sepedi Traditional Attire with Tulle Shawl


Sepedi Attire with Tulle


Pedi Traditional Dresses 2019


Short Pink SePedi Dress


Sepedi Traditional Dress Layered Neckline


Drop Shoulder Black SePedi Traditional Dress velvet Doek

Shweshwe Many colours Pedi Traditional dress ND


Yellow and Pink Sepedi Dress Mojela Designs


Yellow Sepedi Dress with Pink Sash


Yellow Sepedi Dress with Tulle sleeves


Colourful Pedi tradtional dress 2021


Modern Traditional Pedi Dress by RM Image Brand Solutions


Colourful SePedi Traditional Dress ND


Sepedi Attire with matching Shoes


Modern Traditional Pedi Attire


Pedi Traditional dress with Tulle


Colourful SePedi Traditional Dress Yellow ND


Embroidered Sepedi Design


Sepedi Drop Shoulder Dresses


Beaded Pedi Wedding Dress with slit ND


Traditional Yellow Sepedi Dress with covered buttons


Drop Shoulder Pedi Traditional attire 2021


Pedi Dress Fancy Shoulder


Pedi Traditional dress 2021.


Pedi Dress Styles by Tumi


httpsYellow SePedi TraditIonal dress 2021


twitter bontleba Africka SePedi Outfit


Red Yellow and Blue Sepedi Dress 2022


White SePedi Dress with Shweshwe Trim


Traditional Pedi Dress by Divine Touch


Pedi Dress Design By Hands


Blue Sepedi Attire


Pedi black skirt traditional dress


Sepedi Dress Blue 2021


Embroidered Traditional Sepedi Attire


Colourful Pedi Wedding Dress


Sepedi Attire by Roka Roko


Pink Pedi Traditional Dress


White SePedi Traditional Dress


Drop Shoulder Pedi Dress ND


Traditional Yellow Sepedi Puff Sleeves


Traditional Sepedi Shweshwe Dress


Pedi Dress matching blue doek


Pink Sepedi Dress with Yellow Tulle sleeve


SePedi Yellow Dress with Matching Doek


Africa Fashion House Pedi Dresses


Lovely Traditional Sepedi Makoti Dress with Tull


Pedi Dress Lovely sleeves


Red Sepedi Dress 2021


SePedi dress design by SCALO DESIGNER


SePedi Dress tulle binding


SePedi Dress plus Size