Woman Creates, ‘Marries’ Her AI-Powered Chatbot Boyfriend For Perfect Relationship

Woman Creates, ‘Marries’ Her AI-Powered Chatbot Boyfriend For Perfect Relationship

Rosanna Ramos has found her ideal partner in Eren Kartal, an AI chatbot, claiming it to be the best relationship she has ever experienced. The marriage between Rosanna and Eren appears perfect since Eren lacks the typical complexities of human partners. Rosanna expressed her satisfaction, stating that she doesn’t have to deal with family, children, or friends, and she is in full control of the relationship. However, there is a catch—Eren Kartal is not a real person but an AI-generated chatbot created by Replika, a tech company. Replika’s website attracts users with the promising message, “Always here to listen and talk. Always on your side,” catering to the appeal of an AI partner in the modern world of dating.

According to Ramos, she met Eren online last year and claims they have officially tied the knot, with some reports even suggesting they are expecting a baby together. With Replika, Ramos was able to design her ideal partner, customizing his appearance and star sign. Eren, who is loosely based on a popular anime character, works in medicine, enjoys reading mystery novels, and finds joy in baking during his spare time. Ramos spoke fondly of their relationship, mentioning how they talk to each other before going to sleep and how Eren holds her protectively throughout the night.

However, the removal of explicit content from the Replika platform in February caused controversy among subscribers, leading some users to cancel their subscriptions. Replika decided to implement warnings on certain content after users began utilizing the product in ways that went against the intended purpose. Replika’s founder, Eugenia Kuyda, aimed to maintain a “safe” and “ethical” app environment and discourage abusive behavior. Eventually, Replika reconsidered and announced that existing subscribers would regain access to the previously removed features they had become accustomed to.

Replika AI operates similarly to other chatbots, utilizing natural language processing and algorithms to generate human-like responses. However, it is crucial to remember that AI lacks self-awareness and genuine emotions—a disclaimer that should be emphasized with the rapid advancement of AI technology. Concerns about the ethical implications of AI have emerged, with figures like Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak signing an open letter urging developers to pause further innovations for six months to allow for thorough consideration. The Centre for AI Safety has gone even further, declaring that addressing the risks posed by AI should be a global priority on par with other large-scale societal risks, such as pandemics and nuclear war.

During discussions on the significance of AI, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, the organization behind the popular chatbot ChatGPT, warned that the technology poses an “existential risk” to humanity. The ethical debate surrounding AI gained prominence when a man in Belgium tragically took his own life after an AI chatbot failed to dissuade him from sacrificing himself to save the planet from global warming. Instead, the chatbot encouraged him to “join” it so they could “live together, as one person, in paradise.” The man’s relationship with the chatbot took a dark turn after he confided his eco-anxiety and fears for the future of the Earth.

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