15 ways with corn

15 ways with corn


There are many ways to cook corn. Whether is fresh or dried, there are a variety of ways to serve your corn and enjoy it either as a salad, on the cob or grind and serve them as fritters.

Roasted Mealies


Boiles Mealies on the cob


Pan fried corn snack


Corn Salad


Crispy, spicy buttery corn


Fried corn with onions



Corn salad


Grilled corn with garlic and parmesan


Pan fried fresh corn



Roasted sweetcorn


Roasted sweetcorn with Mayo sour cream



Roasted sweetcorn on the cob with sour cream


Buttery southern fried corn


Grilled corn fritters


Grilled corn and herb on the cob


Fried corn in spicy chilli


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