Zintle Mofokeng who is a big brother contestant has been trending on twitter after her live meet and greet for Big Brother Mzansi. The timeline is showering her with glorious praise for her capability of being an influencer. This could be her fanbase challenging the almighty Yolifires (Yolanda’s fanbase) because of how last week Yolanda set the timeline ablaze with her TikTok Live getting 5.1 million likes. 

This week belongs to Zintle. Captain Morgan Whiskey has seen the power of Zintle and her influence. Captain Morgan re-adjusted the label to show its alignment with Zintle. Instead of “Captain Morgan” on the label, the bottle now reads “Captain Zee”. Usually you'd have to be on the level of AKA to get a deal like he did with Cruz vodka or like Cassper with his Don Billiatto campaign. Captain Morgan has decided to temporarily rebrand itself as “Captain Zee” showing the power of Zintle as an influencer. 

Aside from the endorsements, numerous clips of Zintle are being shared and reposted profusely showing how she herself is a living meme. Hilarious makeup tutorials, or her recommending products she herself uses the users on the timeline know its impactful when you ‘meme with Zintle’. More than her influence and memes, the general public has taken a liking to her fashion taste and how she carries herself, making it a shortcut for the everyday lady to get effective tips on how to really look stunning with the simple means she uses. 

Zintle could effectively be a style coach. Zintle is a natural saleswoman. One user on X said that “Even if Zintle Mofokeng was to sell me a snake I would buy it”, Showing the true formidable power of her allure as an influencer. Hopefully this results in more endorsements for the young reality star.