Sello Maake kaNcube is currently trending on Twitter due to revelations about the end of his marriage to Pearl Solo Mbewe. The couple, who married in 2021, reportedly separated last year and are now headed for divorce. This marks Maake kaNcube's second failed marriage in at least a decade, with his previous union with Palesa Mboweni ending in court three years ago.

According to reports, the separation stemmed from Maake kaNcube's alleged involvement with another woman, Cynthia Hlahla, also known as Lacoste. Mbewe discovered messages between Maake kaNcube and Hlahla, suggesting flirtation and a desire to rekindle their relationship. This discovery led to a confrontation, resulting in Mbewe being kicked out of their marital home in Dube, Soweto.

Despite Maake kaNcube's attempts to reconcile, offering to pay the remaining portion of the dowry and seeking legal assistance for divorce proceedings, Mbewe reportedly refused, insisting that Maake kaNcube change his behavior. Ultimately, Maake kaNcube approached Swanepoel van Zyl Attorneys to initiate divorce proceedings, although he claims to have not yet signed any papers or made any payments.

The details of their marital issues, including alleged infidelity and subsequent legal actions, have sparked discussion and debate on social media, leading to Maake kaNcube's name trending on Twitter.