Dj Maphorisa (Phori) Is trending because artists, media influencers, and the fans have been complaining about how he has done business. In the industry there is no one with a perfect reputation, however in this case Dj Maphorisa has been accused of being extremely selfish and taking full ownership of the work he has done with other artists. People are referring to Maphorisa as the P. Diddy of the South African Music Industry. 

There are many instances being spoken about. First it's Kabza De Small being hoodwinked by Maphorisa in the production of their album “The Scorpion Kings”. The album was originally supposed to be for Kabza De Small, but after they worked on the album Maphorisa left for Los Angeles without notifying Kabza De Small. The rug was pulled from underneath Kabza De Small’s feet when Maphorisa abruptly uploaded the album without consulting Kabza De Small and named it “The Scorpion Kings”. Kabza still talks about that incident in shock. 

Shebeshxt also aired his grievances with Maphorisa in an interview with L-Tido. He spoke about how much he respected Maphorisa and how disappointed he was after working with him. Mlindo The Vocalist also aired his grievances about how Maphorisa left him out of the royalties for the song they made together called “Amablesser”. It came as a shock to fans because that song was one of the biggest releases in 2018. 

Mac G has been the one media Influencer who has called out Dj Maphorisa. Most people agree with Mac G on a lot of things (even though his conspiracies against Tyla and her rise to fame are seen as unfair), he’s definitely right about Maphorisa. Although artists themselves should read contracts or be more firm with negotiations “Phori” seems to somehow switch the goal posts in his favor when working with artists. It seems as if his greed is making him more famous than his hits and the timeline is finally loud about it.