Panyaza Lesufi posted an update congratulating the SAPS for the work they’ve done in apprehending a hi-jacker in Hillbrow. “Well Done team SAPS and Wardens. Hillbrow felt our presence. Let's keep it that way. Less Talk, more work! A safer Gauteng will rise.” 

There is video footage circulating of a gang of robbers who had robbed an Uber driver being seized and captured by Police. The police have detained the gang members as well as the replica firearm. This is the latest edition of the police presence taking extreme measures on crime. 

The matter is not trending because of praise for the police but rather, criticism for Panyaza. Since elections are going on people are seeing this matter as another orchestrated incident to make the ANC look like it's doing its job. With other contenders visibly gaining momentum in these elections, ANC is being suspected of resorting to desperation tactics. 

“Everyday people get mugged in Hillbrow, like it's a ritual. But now the Hillbrow is feeling the Police Presence?” Said one user on X. It also doesn't help that the gun that was used in the mugging was a replica. Panyaza is also facing mass criticism for the poor governance and for putting himself in the middle of the ‘chicanery’. As the election raws near the truth will surely come to light