In light of Nosiviwe Mapisa Nqakula resigning from her position in ANC, and the questioning of Jacob Zuma’s “accident”, people now are wondering why the media and the police didn't have the same energy for Marcus Jooste. The police men had camped outside the homes of other suspected ANC officials and even proceeded to raid their houses, but for Markus Jooste they quickly moved on to another issue. 

Reports saying in 2008, in an attempt to evade justice, Samuel Israel III, a hedge fund fraudster, pretended to commit suicide. He was later apprehended and sentenced to 20 years. His account was identical to that of Markus Jooste, leading most to believe that he is alive and avoiding capture. The general public believes that this is more than a conspiracy. They are also questioning why there hasn't been media coverage or police investigations.

 The issue is trending because people believe Markus was capable of the methodology executed by Thabo Bester of faking your own suicide and having a John Doe(Unidentified corpse) in your place as a decoy. There hasn't been any media coverage on the funeral, leading the public to believe something is afoot. 

“Mmusi Maimane is the only one who can tell us about Markus Jooste,”  “Why is it that only Markus Jooste friends in the media as well as the one witness are the ones who heard the gunshot but didnt see the body of Markus Jooste.” Are a few questions speculating the legitimacy of Markus Jooste’s death. All we can say is that the fabric of corruption is unraveling and those who have indulged from it are going down the drain with it.