Kaizer Chiefs maverick has been murdered in an alleged hijacking incident, on Wednesday night the 3rd of April. Luke played as a defender for the Kaizer Chiefs. Reports say the incident occurred in the suburb of Florida. However there are conflicting reports on this case, it is alleged that Vela Masondo  stated that Luke was killed in Honeydew, but the majority of outlets are sticking with the Florida narrative. 

Not much has been reported about his movements prior to the murder, investigators are looking for leads in order to make sure the killers are apprehended. Many people saw him in his last televised match when Kaizer Chiefs were playing against Stellenbosch This is yet another edition to the on-going high profile criminal cases that have been flooding the newspapers and broadcasting outlets. 

SAPS has been under-fire with the influx of murderer, GBV, and corruption cases. On X the users have had oscillating and fluctuating opinions on the proclivity, legitimacy, efficiency and cruelty of SAPS. SAPS was heralded for the shoot out which occurred in Kwa Zulu Natal, then social media had an uproar about television analysts defending criminals, exclaiming that “criminals have rights we should hear their side of the story”. In the case of Luke Fluer's social media is now criticizing the crime apologists. 

All we know is Luke Fluer's was a bright young star on the rise and was one of the most notable defenders in the Premier Soccer League.  Luke had a great run in Superstar United thereafter he joined Kaizer Chiefs in October. Sports analysts say that he had 70+ appearances when he played for Matsatsanatsa, before he played for Ubuntu FC. A young star who still had a lot to show for the world has been tragically taken away, we send Luke’s loved ones thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.