Durban is trending again because of yet another police case. This time it is because a police man has been indicted following an assault charge on a woman. The police man is a 39 year old sergeant from Kwazulu Natal, and the 29 year old woman happened to be his girlfriend. 

Lieutenant General Nhlanhla Mkhwanzi issued a statement that read “No one is above the law including police officers. It is alleged that a 39 year old sergeant was arrested on Tuesday morning the second of April in connection with case of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm”. 

The lieutenant further detailed, ‘that the officer assaulted a 29 year old woman along the Mthoko Mkhize Main Road on Sunday night. The suspect, who works at Mpumalanga police station in Hammarsdale, appeared in Hammersdale Magistrates court on Thursday 4 April 2024. 

There are still investigations taking place into the victims' allegations that she initially refused to open a case. If these allegations hold any weight the appropriate authorities will take further action into finding a resolution. For now the Sergeant is in custody awaiting a court hearing.