Traditional Wedding Attire 2023Traditional wedding Attires play an important role in African weddings, they add more charm and grace to the occasion. Wedding is one of the most auspicious and important occasions in anyone's life. It is a day when two individuals come together to swear by each other and promises to be with each other in all thick and thin of life. Traditional African weddings weddings are popular for their grandeur and opulence. They are occasions where people come together to celebrate the togetherness of two hearts. 

There are various types of Traditional wedding attires that are worn by bride, groom and other relatives. Among all, traditional wedding attire is the most popular one.

Take a look at this years popular Traditional Wedding attire trends in South Africa.



Beaded drop shoulder Traditional wedding dress by Bayanda Kathini See more >


Venda Traditional Wedding dress by Bayanda Kathini. See more >


Shweshwe Traditional Dress 



Green Traditional Wedding dress by Lebo Mositsa. See more >


Pink wedding dress by Bayanda Kathini. See more >


Red Xhosa Dress by Uqinqaba designs. See more >



Traditional Wedding Attire 2023

















Beaded white wedding dress by Bayanda Kathini. See more >


Stylish Tsonga Skirt by Tomi Rikhotso. See more >



Drop Shoulder Xhosa Traditional Wedding dress by Uyinqaba designs. See more >



Xhosa Dress by Uyinqaba Designs. See more >