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Umembeso is still largely considered a family affair where members of the extended family share the responsibility of planning and executing various tasks. Decoration of the venue is one such very important task. It forms the backdrop of the most important event of the bride’s and groom’s lives. It also reflects your vision of how you picture your future as a married individual. A lot of thought and consideration goes into it while the perfect set of decoration is in place for the special day. Starting from draperies, to flowers to the stage to even the lights, everything needs to be on point to make the day perfect.

The days before the event are spent in relentless planning for the big day – from the Umembeso Dresses to the perfect venue, the Umembeso menu and the jewelry, the photographer and the makeup artist. All these aspects deserve the wedding brigade’s full attention. 

It is important to have a checklist of all the aspect that you need to cover while sorting out the decoration for your Umembeso. Take one point at a time and execute it with perfection before moving on to the next one after that big satisfactory tick against the first. That’s the ticket to planning your Umembeso to perfection. Apart from the checklist, another item that needs to be prepared beforehand is a budget sheet where each area of the wedding should be assigned a certain amount which seems appropriate to you. That way when you actually finalize that item, you can see whether you had overshot your estimate or whether you were successful in being within budget. This is very important to keep track of the Umembeso expenditures which can go awry very easily if not kept under constant supervision.

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