Here is a checklist for you to benchmark against and see how you’re doing. Every intelligent person should be able to correctly asses their reality at any given point. In this article, we will be doing this together .At the end of this article, you should realise that you are either doing really well, or your life hasn’t yet started. Below is a list of signs you’re wasting your life away, as well as tips on how to fix them:

Nothing seems fun anymore

Life is fun and exciting, at the same time it can be boring, predictable and colourless. Life should be spent on the more exciting and fun side than the boring and colourless. The only reason one spends time on the boring side, is so that they can spend more time on the colourful side. The problem here is people get trapped on the side they don’t want to be in and the biggest indicator is when you have nothing exciting lined up for you or you can’t even remember the last time you actually had fun. You go through life all serious, trying to play the game only to realise in the end, you were so busy buried in the rule book and you forgot to enjoy the game while you were playing.

Fun happens when you go into unknown situations. You have to risk a bad meal to find the amazing one.

You have to risk the failed relationship to be available for the great one. If all you do is settle for less, are you living ? No you’re not. You’re just surviving and going through the motions of what being alive is.

You feel trapped or lost

Do you have this feeling inside of you wanting to break free, to do what you really want to do ? Or even worse, you have no idea why you are where you are or you have no idea where to go ? You are in the limo of existence. You’re not moving forward, you’re just kinda stuck. On top of this vague feeling of being trapped, you find yourself complaining a lot, you have a lot of negative self talk. Everything around you doesn’t feel right. You feel like you should be doing more.

Here’s what you need to realise, not every pop corn kernel pops at the same time. Repeat this to yourself until it becomes who you are. You’re time simply isn’t here yet. You’re not ready to pop just yet. Figure yourself out first, escape the cage and everything else will fall into place.

You don’t have a purpose, you just are

You feel uninspired. Have you asked yourself why are you here, what are you doing . You’re already alive and settled into this life. Why don’t you do something with it? Find and do something that makes you feel like you matter. Matter for yourself, not for others. What makes you feel like you’re doing great ? Do that. Everyone wants to cure the world but they don’t realise that they should start by curing themselves first.

Find something that makes you proud of doing and get really good at it and then show the world what you can do if you really put your mind and effort into it.

You have the same New Years resolution in a row and still nothing

Yes New Years resolutions can be useless, people sometimes over estimate how much they can do in a year but massively under estimate how much they can get done in 5 or 10 years. We’ve been hearing about your plans but we haven’t seen a visual, somehow you’re never the reason why you are not able to achieve them right ? When asked about them you often find yourself complaining, blaming people or making excuses. Looking back, don’t you ever just wonder why you haven’t pushed hard enough to achieve those New Years resolutions ? Why your goals only remain wishes ?

As with everything, it’s always a combination of 2 things, you and the recipe for achieving them., and the better the recipe, the higher the likelihood you have of making these goals a reality.

We’ve studies 1000’s of successful people and how they managed to achieve their goals and how they manage to achieve their goals. We’ve used what we’ve learnt for personal and professional growth, and we’ve put these recipes in a premium learning experience called “Goal Mastery”, it will be available on our platform in the coming weeks. Make sure you DON’T miss out on this life changing free course. Subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on our social media platforms.

You find escapism in something you know isn’t doing you good long term

Most people a quick to escape from pain and suffering, whatever form that takes in their life, probably so do you. The common way people try to escape suffering is by indulging in something that offers them the escape they are looking for, even if it’s just for a few hours. That’s why you feel like you need a smoke break. It’s not the cigarette but the 5 or 10 minutes you spend disconnecting from whatever work you have to do. You will find the same behaviour

in other people in different forms: drugs, alcohol, food, reality TV, adult entertainment. Sometimes you don’t have need for it, it’s just that you’re bored and you know a way to fill the time gap.
As with everything of this nature, once you’re done and look back at everything you’ve done you realise it really do you any good.

The way to deal with this is to replace it with something beneficial in the long term. Feeling stressed ? Instead of taking a smoke, go for a run, instead of adult entertainment, feeling bored ? force yourself to work on your business. Get addicted to the things that are propelling you forward and you just cracked the code to long term success.

You think that people don’t think highly of you.

Everyone wants others to acknowledge them, but deep down you think there’s nothing worth acknowledging, this is why you think people don’t think highly of you. The truth is, this is a self fulfilling prophesy. The less you think of yourself, the less others think of you. We become the person we believe others believe us to be. If this is the truth, what stops you from using this concept in your favour ? Start building huge amounts of confidence and see the world open up at your feet. When you’ve done this, start acting according to this new persona.

Your life is dirty

Your life is dirty because you are dirty, your home is dirty, your relationships are dirty. Its’ not bringing you any pleasure the way it is right now so why not try to change? After this video is done, clean up your environment for 10 minutes. When you take 10 minutes and begin relocating those things back into their rightful place and look back. If you are able to in just 10 minutes make that much progress, imagine what you can do in other parts of your life?

The smallest progress makes you feel strong, it makes you feel in control of your life and this control expands to other parts of your life too. You can’t clean your house if you can’t clean your room, and you can’t fix the world if you can’t fix your house, so start small and build up from that.

Your love life is limited to self love, but not by choice

People think the right person will magically show up at their doorstep. If every person you dated was not good, it’s not them, it’s you who’s continuously choosing to go with these kind of people. Improve your personality and improve your self to act like a non threatening human being and improve your decision making process. The more you isolate yourself from the world, the less you’ll be able to navigate it. Here’s the truth on this one: if you’re clean and making an effort, it’s just a matter of time until you find that someone that begins to fill the hole you feel inside of you.

You believe your best years are behind you

The problem with having the peak of the mountain behind you is that the road ahead is only going down. Who wants to live in a world where tomorrow is worse than yesterday? This belief is very wrong because the living part of life is measured only by what’s ahead and the “lived” part, by what’s in the past. Nothing is stopping you from making tomorrow better than yesterday but yourself.

We only look back to see the positives and we look forward towards the good things yet to come because your life is just beginning. This moment right now is the first day of your future. Tmrw isn’t here, nor is the day after that.