1) They do not communicate their feelings.

The leave you to search and locate their emotions without communicating them to you. This will leave you feeling like you are chasing them - the silent treatment. The subconsious trap here leaves you feeling like you are not good enough. This is an intentional emotional trap will make you begin to disapprove of yourself and that you can't move on from them.

2) They make you fell bad about being uniquely you.

If you are dark, they talk about how they like lighter skinned people, if you are thinner they talk about how they prefer fuller figured people, if your heavier they say they prefer thinner people etc. What they usually make you feel bad about are the parts of you that you cannot change. This are the parts they fell in love with, when they met you, you were the same, and if you let them they got into bed with it and all of a suddenly they make you feel bad about who you are. This makes you questioning your uniquly you and this subconciously trap open you to a mindset of self alteration based on their wishes.

You will begin to subconciously, then consiously move into a place where you try to alter the parts of you that are not alterable., which really makes them a god. 

This is usually done by people that are inferior to the person they are using this manever on. They fear that you may wake up and realise that you should be doing much better than them, so they break you self view down to make you view yourself  as less than, then you begin to devalue yourself.

3) They consistently bring you down whenever you are happy.

Abusive partners will never let you be happy. You cannot have a happy moment, if you are laughing of smiling they will give you a stare and they find a way to ruin the moment every time. They do not want you to be happy outside of their control.

 Again, this maneuver is done by insecure men to control women. They do not want you to find happiness outside of an experience with them. The subconcious intent is to take charge of your happiness. You will only associate hapiness with them, they only want you to be happy when they want you to be happy and your happiness has to always be associated with them.

4) They threaten to hurt themselves if you don't do what they want you to do.

This one is largely used by women against men. Threats to kill herself if you leave. This imprisons the man with a false sense of responsibility to someone who is not fulfiling any responsibility to you many times. The truth is if they are crazy enough to kill themselves, they will kill you. This is emotional abuse at the highest level.

5) They consistently ruin the atmosphere around significant people in your life.

When you bring your family, friends or co workers around, they will always have a foul attitude and create a cold climate around your other relationships. This is designed to isolate you from all of the other significant people in your life. They want to isolate you from anybody that can help you or save you. They want you isolated and disconnected from everybody else but them. They make the people in your life uncomfortable around the 2 of you together.

Rather than causing problems, your people will slowly fall away and leave you to yourself and only talk about how concerned they are amongst themselves because you have an emotional abuser. 

You must let let anybody isolate you from the people in your life, your parents and siblings especially if the relations are healthy.

6) They constantly threaten to leave but they never do.

You are hoping and praying that they will leave but they don't go anywhere.

7) Everything you say is stupid.

They make you think all of your opinions are stupid and they say this all they time. This will make you slow your opinion until you stop sharing your opinions and when you stop, they start to give you their own opinions. You now start living in the grips of a controller, a dictator.

8) They blame you for their failures and misfortunes.

This is to make you own their false sense of guilt. They blame you for everything that went wrong in their life.

9) They make subtle comparisons of you to others constantly.

This is to put you into competition with a fantasy.