36+ Shweshwe Wedding Dresses Ideas 2023

Shweshwe Prints have emerged as a clear winner and are no longer treated as an afterthought. With this in mind, designers are revamping the age old drape to add additional visual interest to bridal looks when designing Shweshwe Wedding dresses. 

The present day bride is mindful of traditions but modern in her outlook, she is not willing to stick to demure looks for this special event. Matching beads and motifs are popular in this seasons trends, giving the look its final finishing flourish. The veil will always remain an important part of the customary bridal attire, differentiating the bride from overdressed wedding attendees.

African brides will often opt for the colourful Shweshwe Wedding Dress which reflects their culture of origin. Typically, shades of red, and Blue are popular colors as they represent happiness and good luck to the married couple. More modern brides, though, want to stand out and have been choosing other colors like tangerine, green, gold, and coral. These colorful Shweshwe Wedding Dress are either fused with a satin, tulle, organza, veil, or lace.

What Is Shweshwe?

Shweshwe is a distinctive and highly recognizable fabric with a rich history, primarily associated with the Sotho and Tswana people of southern Africa, particularly in South Africa. It is characterized by its intricate geometric patterns, often featuring small repeating motifs in various colors, and is traditionally known for its indigo-blue color.

Here are some key aspects of Shweshwe fabric:

  1. History: Shweshwe has a fascinating history that dates back to the early 19th century. It was originally a cotton fabric that European traders introduced to southern Africa, primarily through trade routes from India and Europe. The fabric was initially produced in Europe but eventually became popular among the Sotho and Tswana communities.

  2. Indigo Dye: Traditional Shweshwe fabric is dyed using indigo, which gives it the characteristic deep blue color. The fabric is known for its vibrant color that can be quite intense when new, but it gradually fades with wear and washing, creating a distinctive look.

  3. Geometric Patterns: Shweshwe is renowned for its intricate geometric patterns, which are often small and tightly spaced. These patterns can vary in design and size but are a defining feature of the fabric. They may include circles, diamonds, zigzags, and more.

  4. Cultural Significance: Shweshwe fabric has deep cultural significance in southern Africa, particularly among the Sotho and Tswana people. It is often used for traditional clothing, especially for special occasions like weddings, ceremonies, and celebrations. Shweshwe attire is considered a symbol of cultural identity and pride.

  5. Modern Usage: While Shweshwe fabric has deep traditional roots, it has also evolved to encompass contemporary fashion trends. Today, you can find Shweshwe fabric incorporated into various clothing items, including dresses, skirts, shirts, and accessories. It has gained popularity not only in southern Africa but also in the global fashion scene.

  6. Alternative Names: Shweshwe is also known by different names in various regions. In South Africa, it is commonly called "Shweshwe" or "i-Shweshwe." In Lesotho, it is referred to as "Seshoeshoe," and in Botswana, it is known as "German print" or "Dutch wax print," highlighting its European origins.

Shweshwe fabric remains an important part of southern African culture and identity. Its distinctive patterns and rich history continue to make it a sought-after material for both traditional and contemporary fashion, serving as a testament to the enduring connection between culture, heritage, and style.

50+ Shweshwe Wedding Dresses

Shweshwe Wedding dresses are the most popular choice for wedding stylists and brides alike, infact a Shweshwe Wedding dress is a must have for every woman who dreams of a fairy tale traditional wedding woven into the best traditional fabrics, embracing gorgeousness as much as exquisiteness!. Shweshwe is considered to be one of South Africas' most popular and longest enduring Traditional African Fabrics. Because of the immense popularity of 3 Cat Shweshwe, Shweshwe Wedding dresses are a common choice for the typical African bride in South Africa. Brides

from all over the country go for Shweshwe in different colours and prints, the most popular shweshwe colours of choice are Blue, Brown and Red, but stylists and designers have begun experimenting with other colours like purple, orange, mauve... 

So if you are getting married soon and are desperately on the search for beautiful shweshwe wedding dress designs, we have compiled a selection of over 50 Shweshwe Wedding Dresses to inspire your own Traditional Shweshwe wedding dress.

Shweshwe Wedding Gown by Nsike Ensembled


Beaded Shweshwe Wedding Dress by House Of Lade


Beaded Sotho Shweshwe Traditional Wedding Dress by Nim Couture


Beautiful Shweshwe 1 sleeve Wedding Dress By Lebo Mositsa

Beautiful Shweshwe Wedding Dress by House Of Lade

Shweshwe Attire For Couple By Hotoga Creations

Beautiful Shweshwe Wedding Dress By Lebo Mositsa

Beautiful Wedding Dress by House Of Lade

Brown and Gold Shweshwe Outfit by Antherline Couture

Burgundy Shweshwe Wedding Dress by Antherline Couture

Cream and Brown Shweshwe Wedding Dress by Antherline Couture

Cream and Gold beaded Shweshwe Wedding Dress By Nsike Ensembled


Cream and Gold Shweshwe Wedding Dress by Antherline Couture

Cream and Gold Shweshwe Wedding Dress with Long Tail by Antherline Couture

Cream and Gream dresses by Antherline Couture

Cream Shweshwe Wedding Dress by Antherline Couture

Cream Shweshwe Wedding Dress By Otiz Seflo

Cream Shweshwe Wedding Dress with feathers by Antherline Couture

Cream Tswana Shweshwe Traditional Wedding Dress by Scalo Designer


Flared Shweshwe Gown by Orapeleng Modutle

Green and Yellow Shweshwe Dress by Antherline Couture

Pink and Blue Wedding Dress by Antherline Couture


Red and Black Shweshwe Dress By Lebo Mositsa

Traditional Shweshwe Wedding Dress By Otiz Seflo

Turquoise Shweshwe Attire for couple by Scalo Designer

White Wedding Dress with Shweshwe Trim and Matching Doek by Antherline Couture

Green Shweshwe Mermaid dress by Zamaswazi Nkosi

Green Shweshwe Dress by Zamaswazi Nkosi

Green Shweshwe Dress with beads full lenghth by Zamaswazi Nkosi

 More Shweshwe Wedding Dresses

Beautiful Shweshwe Wedding Dress with Tulle


Gold and Green Shweshwe Wedding Dress


Shweshwe Traditional Wedding Dress with Tulle




Green Shweshwe Wedding Dress








Blue Shweshwe Wedding Dress


Colourful Shweshwe Wedding Dress


Shweshwe Weding Dress with Lace and Veil



Traditional Wedding Dress with a hint of Shweshwe


Green Shweshwe Wedding Dress with Doek


Stunning Polka Dot Shweshwe Wedding Dress


 Shweshwe Wedding Dress with Velvet







Plus Size Shweshwe Wedding Dress with Satin