In  modern society, the powerful woman has been subjected to limitations all in the name of submission. Submission is taught in the sense that a good woman will do what a man tells her to do, but in essence, a woman should submit to a certain kind of man, and that's a man that honours her.

A man that honours her is a man that helps he to maximise her potential. He is not a man that tries to limit her, or redefine her. The right man will recognise her greatness, he is a king who is building a throne for his queen to sit on. 

A lot of women have greatness in them but they have no clue that it's there because everything around them is sending a message that you are lesser, you should compromise and you should walk at a lower standard. When she eventually wakens to who she really is, its a huge surprise. 

It takes a secure man to understand that when you encourage your queen to power, you only embolden the impact. It does not take away from a man to empower his woman. The man has to be a king in his own mind to be able to appreciate the queen in his woman. 

1. She overcomes obstacles to become who she is.

A powerful woman has the character, determination and intellect to produce the desired results for her life, regardless of obstacles or circumstances. She lives with undestructed purpose and relentless pursuit of personal vision. Society has limited the woman to believe that she is nothing more than a sex object. When a powerful woman does not recognise how powerful she is, she begins to project her sexuality over her intellect.

Nakedness is symbolic of a distorted self view. When you begin to view your sexuality as a success strategy, it becomes an indication that your self identity is not very clear. When the woman conforms to social standards and social expectations, which are to make her nothing more than a sex symbol, nothing more than a baby maker. 

2. She Conquers her emotions.

Women often buy into the lie that women are nothing more than an emotional roller coaster. Consequently, a lot of woman just live lives of instability and they are unpredictable. A powerful woman understands that if she is going to be respected, she has to conquer her emotions. If you fail to control your emotions, you will never be viewed or respected as a powerful woman. The first thing the world will throw at you as a woman who would be a powerful leader is that women are to emotional for serious responsibility. 

You must always remember that when a woman becomes overly emotional, she subtracts from the power that is already within her. When you display the inability to control your emotions, you cannot be trusted. You are diminishing your true identity and character as a woman. When a woman does not have control of her emotions, someone else does! Other people will use your emotions to control and manipulate you. 

3. She talks Less

A wise woman will study how other people think. You cannot study another persons mind if you're always speaking yours. Most woman cannot learn how men think because most women are always talking all the time. A fool utters all of his mind, the wise one keeps it in until afterwards. 

4. She values financial independence.

A powerful woman knows that financial independence is more valuable over diva status. Most "divas" have a closet full of clothes and an empty bank account. The real diva has money in their account, they are not dependent on anyone. The powerful woman does not sit around wishing that a knight in shining amour will pop up one day to save her financially. She develops herself, educates herself, gets a job and keeps it, studies how to invest, downsize her lifestyle to make more than she spends.

Most women are conditioned to be somebodies wife, they never attempt to maximise their earning potential. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a husband but while you are waiting for one, don't stop living. Don't stop dreaming and preparing your own future. 

5. She focuses on maximising her full potential.

Most women focus their time and energy on relationships, and they give less focus to manifesting their full potential. When you are so busy trying to make a man attracted to you but you are not maximising your potential. 

Women who are consumed with manifesting their potential are identified by husbands easier. They are happy by themselves, and they make great mates, for great men.

To achieve this self actualisation, you need education or a skill. High heels and a low IQ is still a bad look. 

List your gifts, your strengths and your talents. Identify your passion, what are you good at, what do you like to do ?Formulate a vision for your life. Maximise every opportunity to follow your vision. Avoid relationships that divorce you from yourself.

6. She is secure in herself.

Insecurity is a mindset, and it leads to behaving beneath your potential. Powerful women do not tolerate any thoughts of insecurity. When you are insecure, people who are beneath you will manipulate you with your insecurities. A real queen knows that nobody else can fit her crown. If you are married or have a partner, you can never be insecure about your man. You will know that no one can take your man because he is yours. 

Insecurity is a self limiting mindset that will keep you from tapping into your greatness.

7. She does not hold on to past hurts.

A powerful woman does not allow in her heart, details of past hurts and pains. Too many women hold on to bitterness, and holding on to bitterness springs up each time you face a minor challenge. This will cause you to blow up unecessarily over trivial issues and consequently diminish the essence of your character. Learn to let go and free yourself from bitterness. 

8. She dresses intentionally.

If you are a leader and would want to be taken seriously, you must dress the part. There is a certain kind of dressing that will not get you anywhere. You can not dress like you have just come of the pole and expect to attract a husband, or think someone is going to offer you a seat in their boardroom. You've got to dress a certain way to go certain places, dress that part for where you see yourself in the future. You may be the greatest woman in the world, but you might be mis representing yourself with your dress code. 

Apart from dressing  provocatively, but some women do not take time to put themselves together enough. Is your hair clean ? Have you taken time to take a good look into your eyes, is your nose clean ? Are your clothes clean and ironed ? Your dress code is your billboard, what are you advertising ?

 If your ambition is to become someone's wife one day, you need to start to dress like someone wife before you become someone's wife. The world will only see what you project and the responce you get is from what you project.

9. Powerful women never settle for a weak man.

When you settle for a weak man, you will never be happy. A queen has certain standards and when you are a powerful woman, you do not settle for a weak man.

Most women rush into marriage because they want a wedding, but a powerful woman understands that she will not settle for a weak man, she will wait for a king. A strong woman and a weak man will not make a marriage. Queens have got to have kings.

Being unequally yoked is not always about the same beliefs, you can both share the same beliefs and still be unequally yoked. If you have dreams of reaching for the starts an he is satisfied with the street lights, you are not going anywhere with this man. It will be difficult for you to be faithful and to submit to a weak man. You cannot be hitched to a man that's too weak to lead you.

When a woman is stronger than her man, when she has more testosterone that the man she sleeps next to, the chemistry of the relationship is out of balance. 

10. She Speaks with Wisdom.

A powerful woman does not offend in speech, she opens her mouth with wisdom. She understands that she does not have to dish out a piece of her mind all the time. There are some instances when you need to keep it in. There is nothing wrong with speaking up your mind, but it takes wisdom to know when to do so and when not do. 

 When a woman masters how to use her words wisely, she can build or destroy her man, her children and those around her. It is therefore not wise to let everything that is on your mind come out of your mouth. 

Many of you cannot keep job, because you're "keeping it real", but you are keeping it real broke. You need to learn to keep your mouth closed at times, just to excel. You can't go about giving everybody a piece of your mind, there are instances when speaking your mind can work against you.