Afro Pom Pom

The timeless pom pom hairstyle has been around for ages. It brings elegance and a personalised element to a classic ponytail hairstyle, allowing you to create your own unique trend.

A convenient DIY for those bad hair days, keep a detachable hair piece. Simply wash and gel your hair, blow dry and attach your pom pom.


#1 Blond Drop Down Pom Pom

Go against the grain and incorporate loose dropping styling for your ponytail

Blond Drop Down Pom Pom

#2 Curly Pom Pom 

This look is perfect for a flirty outfit, bad hair days. Curls give you the sexiest messy buns on the planet!

Curly Pom Pom

 #3 Afro Pom Pom

You won't go wrong with the Afro Pom Pom, it gives you a natural dazzling finish that wont disappoint.

Afro Pom Pom


#4 Double Pom Pom

Feeling playful and flirty ? The double pom pom is unique and different for those days you want to feel young again

Double Pom Pom

 #5 Drop Down Long Pom Pom

Add a touch of class with the long tail drop down pom pom if you want something different.

Drop Down Pom Pom

 #6 Full Head Pom Pom

The full head pom pom looks dazzling especially with a hint of blond

Full Head Pom Pom

#7 Small Blond Pom Pom

Use your natural hair if you're the kind tha doesn't like big hair

Small Blond Pom Pom