Oprah Winfrey has made her own way to becoming one of the worlds wealthiest women through hard work, charisma and smarts. The media and entertainment mogul always radiates warmth, compassion and intelligence. Oprahs' fashion style is epitome of timeless grace and cool, she always looks fabulous!

Like many of us, Oprah has fought a long battle with her weight, which has fluctuated wildly over the decades. Now in her 60s, she seems to have come to terms with a more statuesque build.     

Oprah never shys away from bold wardrobe choices. Her boisterous personality and tendency for screaming introductions practically requires a standout wardrobe. She put her very valuable stamp of approval on several fashion trends: mixed prints, small sunglasses on the red carpet.

Steal Oprahs Style

For the plus size woman, fashion style, or more accurately what we wear, should always be a combination of what is on-trend and what works with our body, shape and size. Oprah knows what she likes, she knows her body. Steal her style by discovering your body, size, shape and skin tone. 

To look like a self-made billionaire you need to dress with confidence, style and attitude. Oprah always looks amazing in fitted but not too tight dresses. Don't shy away from certain styles just because you aren't tiny. Choose well made garments that drape over your curves or more modern dresses with elongating seaming and color blocking. Cinch your waist, above all, don't be afraid of popping some vibrant colors.

Below you'll find some choices that echo some of Oprah's most successful looks. 




















Plus Size African Dresses