A good wife does her husband such good for him in everything, that he has no need of spoil. Today we will look at what are some of the mistakes women make in relation to good husbands. I emphasise a good husband because a man has to first be a husband that is worthy of submission, offerings of honour and esteem from his wife, because if a man is going to be the head, he has to meet the standards worthy of a head. 

Most women have been with a man that dishonours them, that abuses them and yet you gave them your all, then you finally meet that one guy that sees your value, he doesn't have to be perfect, none of us are, but if at least he is trying his best to be a good husband, most of the time, you in a way make him pay for all of the men that mis treated you in the past. If you take time to pay attention to the way you handle your "good husband" you may at times notice that you are giving him less than you gave the guy that abused you. 

A lot of marriages are suffering because wives are simply not being wise. If you have a good husband, you will not have any issues with the points below:

If you are not a wise woman, you can destroy your own family. You may have a great husband and if you're not functioning in wisdom, you can destroy your marriage with your own hands. Men internalise their frustrations. Quite often, your husband can feel humiliated, neglected, unappreciated and internalise all of that. When a woman does not know how to handle a good man properly, quite often he does not know how to articulate all of that. By the time you discover that you have broken your man, usually it will be beyond the point of repair (in his mind).

In this article, we are going to list the things that are important to a man, especially if he is a man that is doing his part. There are some things that he expects you as his wife to understand, to know and fulfil in his life. It is therefore very important to make sure you find the right one because the wrong partner can really put you down.

1. Do not take things for granted.

As a wife, do not allow to let things get to a point where you become too comfortable that you never give your man the kind of sex appeal that attracted him in the beginning. On your wedding day the woman looks like an angel, and with many women, the wedding day is the last time you will see her looking like that. That ought not be the case with a good wife. When you get into a union with a man, you need to understand that the man needs you to keep him stimulated. Never allow yourself to just fall off simply because now you're married and he has no choice but to stick with you looking the way you look. A man is a visual creature, he is in constant need of visual and physical stimulation. 

 2. Never Fight for Dominion

When the wife constantly fights against the mans position, it it usually the source of friction in your marriage. When a man has to constantly battle his wife for the pant, it throws the divine order of the family off, and it also confuses the chemistry. It is important to understand that both of you are in dominion, but each of you has specific roles in the family dynamics. This does not necessarily mean that the man is always making decisions, infact most functional, successful marriages, when a man marries a competent woman, he allows her to make most of the decisions. When we talk of submission, it does not necessarily mean boss and slave kind of arrangement, but it is important to know that no man wants a woman that he has to fight when he says this is the direction I would like this family to take and you pull him down all the time that the man cannot even wear his pants. That is a total disaster and if the situation does not change, girl you've lost it. Let him allow you to make decisions then you go ahead and make decisions but only with his approval. To make this clear, when you are talking to him, especially in public and you seem to have more testosterone that him, then you really have a problem. If you wanna be the man, then you probably don't need a husband. 

Domineering women are usually a result of a lack of presence of a male figure in their childhood or perhaps misguided objectives of women's liberation. This is where some women want to emasculate, robbing the man of his social and psychological role in the family and in the context of marriage. It can be taken so far that there is no longer a difference between male and female, man or woman, husband or wife as well as a culture that is constantly eliminating the boundaries that define manhood or womanhood. This generates a generation of women that become overly dominant. A woman should not marry a man that she cannot submit to.

A man in his nature is the dominant figure, so if he has to constantly fight you to fulfil his natural role as the head, it disconnects him from you. It breaks the bond of intimacy between you and your husband. 

3. Constantly praise your man and give him approval

Most wives never take the time to celebrate their husbands greatness. They instead get caught up in the common routine of criticism. Many men find themselves in the arms of other women who celebrate them. Your man needs approval. When your man does stuff for you, most of the time its to get your approval.  Men are ego driven and the things that build their ego is knowing that you celebrate them. When you celebrate your man, he becomes a superman. Letting him know that his is a great provider, a great leader will make him go even harder. Criticising him will make him give up on trying or seek approval elsewhere. This is very important to him and if he does not get it from you, he will get it elsewhere. You need to build his self esteem with your approval, infact too much criticism can rob a man of his sexual desire for a woman. 

4. Keep the home neat and tidy

One of your husbands complaints must never be that you keep the house filthy. It is not entirely the woman's responsibility to clean up, men can help out around the home but the state of the home is a reflection of the quality of the woman of the house. The well being of the family is the reflection of the quality of the man. If a family is starving and there's an able bodied man in the house, the world will see that the man is struggling to take care of his family financially. When the house is filthy, they will know that the woman is lacking because the condition of the home is a reflection of the woman. A woman is a mother, a nurturer, one that protects, cares and organises, there's no way you would have your family living in a filthy house.