To be alone is to be the only person within a certain space. Many people are struggling with loneliness. If you are lonely, what can you do about it. Loneliness can cause you to be depressed. 

1. You need to learn to be content with yourself first before you are with somebody.

Marriage will not cure your loneliness if you're lonely. You can be surrounded by many people but if you are not content within yourself, you may actually be lonely even around people. Superstars and many celebrities are known to commit suicide yet they are often surrounded by many people, sometimes even running away from people. This is because some celebrities are the most empty people within themselves. You need to learn how to master your own spirit. 

2. Focus on your vision.

Busy people do not obsess over the presence or absence of others. Get so busy focusing on your vision and where you're going. You will not have time to see that there is no one around you. Having goals and living on purpose will override any sense of loneliness. The pursuit of vision eradicates any thoughts of loneliness. If you're single right now, marry your vision. God to be with your vision and wake up every morning with your vision. If you're single and you have a vision, the right spouse for you will be able to recognise you because you're functioning in your purpose. 

3. Manage Your Thoughts.

You must learn think about what you are thinking about. The moment you start thinking about who you don't have or what you don't have in your life, be conscious of it and shift your thoughts to other positive aspects of your life. Negative thoughts have the ability to bring you down into depression simply because you are failing to manage your thoughts. If you fail to think of what you are thinking about, your thoughts have the ability to bring you into this dark deep place. Learn to be fine regardless of whatever position life puts you in. Loneliness is the consequence of thoughts. 

4. Make laughter must.

When you spend a lot of time alone, take time to find laughter. Watch comedies. When you need to be around people, choose the funny ones. Make laughter a priority, it heals your soul.

5. Create intentional, social encounters.

Make the first move, go out there, sign-up on dating sites. Approach people and make friends at every opportunity.

6. Live to serve others.

When you begin to serve others, you will experience a certain a dimension of fulfilment that will diminish any concept of loneliness that the feeling of emptyness will not even penetrate. Make serving others a lifestyle. 

You can start by identifying someone in your community, church or neighbourhood, who is lonely. Go out of your way to befriend them and become their solution. You will discover that when people see you connecting, they will find you more appealing and approachable and who knows, you might be on your way to discovering and connecting with your soul mate.