How to cook beef

There is a very wide variety of beef cuts - Fillet steak, Brisket, Silverside, Ribs, Rump Steak, Sirloin steak, stewing beef, Rump steak, and more.

It's a good idea to know some of the different cooking techniques you can use to prepare each one. Cooking times and temperatures may vary with method of preparation, size and shape of the beef.

There are many different techniques for cooking beef, a new recipe or an unfamiliar cut of meat leaves us with a tough, chewy meal. This can be wasteful and it can be pretty embarrassing if it happens during a dinner party. 


Grilled Beef

Roast Beef

A beef roast is one of the easiest ways to cook beef. Depending on the size, most beef roasts will take a couple of hours to cook.

When roasting beef, don’t be tempted to trim off the fat as it will baste your meat while it cooks. You can always cut it away when serving. If you want the fat to make a crust, then you have to sprinkle or rub it with flour and/or mustard powder to absorb the fat released on the surface.

When it comes to roast beef, the general rule is that it should always be cooked to the bone, whether it’s a sirloin joint or rib roast. The bone both conducts heat and adds flavour. 

Beef StewStewed Beef

A staple in most households, the rich, hearty beef stew can sometimes fall short, you should know how to cook this classic cold-weather dish like a pro. It can be too thin or too thick veggies can be too mushy or not cooked enough. It's a tough balance to strike but with enough practice and persistence you will get it right.

When you add, potatoes, carrots and onions, coated in a flavorful sauce, the entire dish comes together on the stove top in a single stock pot.



Beef Pot RoastBeef Pot Roast

The main difference between pot roast and roast beef is that pot roast is cooked in liquid and roast beef is cooked dry.

Common cuts used for pot roast include top round, bottom round, chuck, brisket,  and rump. 

Searing meat is an essential step if you to make the pot roast so it's deliciously tender and juicy every time. When you sear meat, you caramelize the natural sugars in the meat and brown the proteins, forming a rich brown crust on the surface of the meat that amplifies the savory flavor of the finished dish.

Pot roast is cooked in water, wine, stock, or broth. it’s inexpensive, yields a ton of servings, and makes the whole house smell delicious and warm.



Grilled BeefGrilled Beef

Mastering the grill is all about understanding live fire and the strategies needed to take advantage of the fire.  The first step in grilling a steak is choosing it. Pick a steak that is at least 1.5 to 2 inches thick.

Close the grill to ensure it cooks all the way through, or at least as thoroughly as you want it, depending on your preference for rare, medium rare, or medium meat.

Beef Stir Fry

Beef Stir Fry

A beef stir-fry is the perfect weeknight fix, it's quick to put together while also providing a balanced meal all in one bowl.

Even though a beef stir fry is a simple dish to make, the technique deserves a bit of attention if you want to master the process.

Beef loin flap sirloin tips,  skirt steak, then sirloin are some of the most suitable cuts for a good beef stir fry. 

To trim or not to trim the beef fat will be your personal preference.