Most people want to know whether the person they are with is their soul mate. Your soul mate is not a person that is trying to elude you, but your soul mate is a person who is a person that is of such importance in your life and is of such high quality that you will have to attract them.

Your soul mate is not a person that is trying to impress you unnecessarily, they are authentic and genuine.

The term soul means the mind, the will and the emotions of a person. A soul mate is therefore a man or a woman that is of the same mind, you are of the same frequency. Your conversations are amazing because you rarely meet a person that has the same kind of thoughts as you. You are so connected in terms of your mind, you are attracted to this person because of their mentality. You are more attracted to this person because of their mentality, than you were to other people that you were attracted to because of their physicality. 

You discover that this person, not only has the same kind of mind but also the same kind of initiative, wants to do the same kinds of things. They may not necessarily be going the same direction as you but they are excited about your journey that they set their will in agreement with yours to support you.

They may not be great for you financially but they understand you emotionally. 

How to attract your soul mate

1) Evaluate your present attractions.

If you are going to generate an energy that attracts your soul mate, you will need to evaluate your present attractions. Your soul mate is not going to be the sexiest or wealthiest person you've ever met. You are going to have to eliminate that confusion between what your flesh desires, or is attracted to. Your soul mate connects with you mentally, he/she is that individual that aligns with your desires in life. They minister with you emotionally and know how to build you up from the inside. 

If your attractions are driven by pride and ego, when you maintain childish attractions, you will always pre occupy your life with the wrong people. If you keep choosing a man based on how much money he makes or how tall he is, or his looks you will always be disappointed. 

2) You have to become what you desire.

You have a general idea of what your soul mate looks like, is like, their accomplishments but before all of these things, what does your own profile look like ? Have you levelled up to match the standards of your desire or what you believe God has for you? Most women desire a "King" but the question is are you a "Queen" ? Many of you have been pre occupied and consumed with finding a mate, but have you prepared yourself ?

Many of you cannot attract what you deserve because you are not projecting it. 

3) You have to be available.

Many of you have just not allowed themselves to be available long enough because you never give yourself time, hoping quickly from one relationship to another. Everything you've been pre occupied with had been the product of your flesh. Stop accepting any or everything that come your way. You need to be available for your soul mate.

4) Find your purpose

Purpose is the foundation of soulmate relationships. While you are waiting for your soulmate, work on your purpose. You don't need a soul mate without a purpose.

A soulmate relationships is about the merging of purpose, when you both come together, the purposes match and you become a pair. You become more together that you ever would have been apart. If you want to develop the kind of energy that attracts your soul mate, focus on your purpose. 

Both of you will feed one off the other and you will make each other better. A soul mate relationship between a man and a woman is a partnership with clearly defined roles. You will not know who fits into your life until you have mastered your purpose.