Forbes reports that remote work is a win win for freelancers, organisations and employees. Whether you’re already working in your pj’s, or are looking to make that move out of the office, here’s a question that’s probably on your mind. – Which remote jobs pay the best?

We have done the homework on this one so let’s dive in and take a look:

Web, App or Software Developer - $70 000 a year.

A lot of the most lucrative remote jobs are in the tech industry. Facebook and Twitter recently announced that half of their employees would be working online remotely. To get started with these kind of jobs, you need coding qualifications or Computer Science will definitely help. Developing in iOS is especially in high demand and can add to your salary.

You will be mostly working in a team over team apps, being a team player is essential.

If you need to beef up your qualifications, there are many ways to get certified without having the shell out a lot of money or a lot of time on University degrees.

Project Manager - $75 - $100k a year

This is a job description for someone who could be working in a number of sectors. It could be setting up a team or a new branch of a firm. Project managers coordinate all the individual tasks and processes needed, to reach a given target. That means you’ll need a background in the industry, a track record of managing people and you’ll need to be really organised.

Working remotely is not an option for all project management roles, but with more teams using web conferencing to communicate, it’s becoming more and more common.

Sales Consultant - $60 - $80 a year.

Being a top salesperson pays well, but on average, you’ll being doing even better as a Sales Consultant. A Sales Consultant analyses a company’s’ sales technique and finds ways of improving them. That could mean designing customised courses for Sales Reps or helping the to find new ways of getting customers and researching what they need. More and more companies are now hiring remote Sales Consultants.

To get into Sales Consultancy, you need to show that you are great at sales and great at coaching people in sales techniques.

Accountant - $65 – 80k a year

This one has been around a lot longer than the internet but has been heading into the direction or remote working for quite a while now. The tasks Accountants do are usually reviewing accounts, preparing financial documents, advising on tax issues and creating budgets, usually there’s no reason it can’t be done remotely.

For this one, you’ll need formal qualifications and you’ll have to be registered in the country you’re operating in.

Lawyer - $110 - $130 a year

There are lots of different types of lawyers, especially when it comes to specialties and niches and not all of them can be done online, especially if you’re going to appear in court.

Since the pandemic, courtrooms around the world have become a bit more flexible, some even allowing appearances by video link. Like Accountants, you do need to be based in the country you’re operating in and registered there as a lawyer, and with this one too, there’s no way around the qualifications, you do need a Law degree if you want to practice Law.

Here are some specialisations in law that can be done remotely, Virtual Patent Lawyers, Remote Research Lawyers and Independent Estate Attorneys.

Product Designer - $50 - $140k a year

Here is another job role in the Tech world that involves developing apps, website and Software. It can earn you big bucks working from your living room.  A product designers is in charge of developing tech products from start to finish. From coming up with the concept, doing the market research  to developing and testing, all the way to finally delivering it.

Besides design and programming skills, it requires a lot of creativity and knowledge of the market. Just like other Tech jobs, you’ll need a background in design as well as a flair for coming up with new ideas.

Senior Business Analyst $60 – 100 a year.

Business Analysts work closely with teams and companies to get a deep understanding of how they deal with customers and all the processes that are going on. They improve and streamline it all to ensure that everything is as effective as possible.

To get into this line of work, you a qualification with something business related and you will need a bit of experience working in the relevant field and managing people and of course excellent management and communication skills.

IT Security Consultant - $100 - $130k a year.

As more and more people work online and the internet is becoming an even bigger part of our lives, internet Security also becomes a big issue. IT Security Consultants usually work for a big company, checking the network security and making Management aware of any risks where they exist. You can work remotely as a Network Security Consultant. To do this job, you’ll need experience past experience working in IT security and to stand a good chance of getting employed, a licence or certification in IT Security is highly recommended.

Technical Support Engineer - $75 – 100k a year.

Most big companies can afford to have onsite teams of tech support. Smaller ones usually can’t and they’ll need someone and thanks to remote viewing apps, you can do it from anywhere in the world. If you’re good at solving remote network problems, if you’re the person everyton goes to when they need help with their computer, then this one is for you.

To get into this one, you’ll generally require a Computer related qualification.

Recruiter - $50 - $80 a year.

A recruiters job is to source and bring in the best candidates for whatever position your client needs to fill, and because it’s so important for companies to get the right staff, if you’re good at it, it can definitely pay well. Thanks to teleconferencing, it’s being done remotely.

To become a remote recruiter, you need experience working in a human resources department as well as good Sales skills because if you’re going to get someone into a job, you’re essentially selling them that job.

Senior Copywriter – A good Copywriter is able to create text that is worded well enough for people to react to it. Copywriting is an important part of marketing and if you can write with flair and get results, it can pay well. For this job, you don’t need a specific qualification. Some experience in the field or something related to Journalism will help. What you’ll need is experience.

Digital Marketer $60 – 80 a year.

You don’t need a formal qualification to be a Digital Marketer. A good understanding of Search Engine Optimisation, Social Medial Marketing and Website Design and Content Creation can give you a head start into Digital Marketing


What ever you do face to face, get inventive and find a way to do it online. Whatever your line fo work is, if you’re not doing it online, now is a great time to start looking into what opportunities are opening up. If all else fails, get creative