Most, not all men will play some of the games which we are going to discuss. A man can entice a woman emotionally and psychologically and from the point convince her to go in any direction he chooses. Many women get involved with men like these and don't fully recognise what is happening to them.

In most cases, women want to believe that the guy means well, he looks descent and they want to believe that he means well because many times, the woman is in pursuit of something that's not even on the mans agenda. You are busy thinking of a lifetime when he is thinking of a night time, you're thinking forever more and he is thinking tomorrow, you are thinking wedding bells and he is thinking sex.

This is a game that's been played many times. The good news though is that todays woman has evolved and has become almost as good as the men. We now have a generation of women who play the game just as well or sometimes better than the man. 

The man manipulates and plays games with his words because he wants sex out of the situation, while the gamer woman plays games using her body. She uses her body to entice and twist a mans will, bringing him into a position of submission without him even realising it. What the gamer woman usually wants is money, most of the time.

The man that plays the game relies on 2 major pillars: Ignorance and insecurity. He is looking for a woman that is ignorant of his devices and a woman who is insecure. He is not looking for a strong woman that has a strong sense of self, who has a high self esteem.

A wise woman never believes everything a man says. The gamer man knows what to say to make the woman feel the way she needs to feel for her to let her guard down. 

1) Reconcile your real needs in a man vs the superficial desires or your flesh.

 You need to stop making relational choices based on physical, outward looks. Most women don't recognise a good man, they ignore the good man because he is outshined by the players. Ask yourself whether you are making relational choices based on what you see or are you really analysing a person.

Do you continue to choose the same kind of man over and over and never get good results. At some point you need to get past swag, and really get to the core of a man. Give other kinds of guys a chance to get through to you. If you've been getting players who are running games on you, getting you tied up emotionally, getting you into soul ties with them, you need to find yourself the type of man that can reach through to you but you can only do that when you give this kind of guy a chance. 

2) Elevate the game.

You know that you are living in a world where the game is being run so you need to elevate your game because a player cannot compete with woman who is no longer driven by small talk, infatuation, or physical or material things.

3) Look out for actors, simply acting a role.

Many women have been deceived. Married men act single yet he has a family on the other side of town. Gay men acting bi sexual and only reveal themselves when they have messed up your life. This is not to make you pessimistic in any way but you are not going to be naive either. Never take a man at his first word. Allow circumstances in the brothers character to prove he is what he actually says he it.

Some men lie to cover they inferiority, others do this to distract you from their flaws, then the other kind of men lies simply to deceive you. He is not trying to cover up something or to impress you but simply to deceive you and compromise your defences.

Nobody can lie, like a man that wants a woman! A wise woman will expect her first conversation with a man, to be filled with half truths and in many cases outright lies. Most men have the capacity to lie without any training, they lie. You need to be wise enough as a woman, not to shift your emotions too fast and take time to make certain that this brother really is what he says he is.

Never define a man until you test his character. Do not allow him to tell you stuff without at least proving some of it. 

Common characters of men who deceive women:

1. The church Guy.

This person hangs around church and manipulates women who are praying for a biblical husband. He is in the sanctuary every Sunday, and even goes to bible study. The church guys preys on her desire for a Christian man. He will be the perfect spiritual mate, just long enough to get the sister to become vulnerable to his smooth religious talk. He paints a portrait of Godliness. He will accompany her to a church meeting, then asks her to have a word of prayer in her house. Perhaps that prayer will lead to discussions about how God showed him that she is to be his wife. Before you know it she is crying tears of joy because she just prayed for God to show her a sign. She leaps up to hug him, and he hugs her back. The next thing you know, the sun is coming up, and the prayers turn to repentance.

The church guy will leave church, changes churches and continues the cycle.

2. The Bowler

This guy drives a fancy car and brags about how much money he makes. His specialty is fancy restaurants and gifts, if he wants the woman bad enough. He plays a role to convince the gullible woman that he will be a great catch and provide the best things in life. The bowler may even find the money to pay a few of her bills. Once he rescues the woman with some financial hardship, or spoils her, he moves in for the payoff. The bowler preys on beautiful women who maybe struggling financially. 

Too many women are compromised because you are not focused on education or self improvement. You've not focused on your career or developing your own business. You find yourself in a position where you need these men for money. 

A conversations with a bowler may go something like this: "I wanna take you away from all this pressure and  stress, you deserve the best. I wanna treat you like a queen. You are the woman I've been praying and hoping for."

He continues to pour it on until she has some emotional responce to his antics, use his money to trap the woman into a web of obligation. This type of man buys women because he does not plan on settling down with any of them. When he finds someone more interesting and appealing, he and his wallet, fade off into the sunset. 

3. Captain Kid

This one observes the obvious fact that a woman has children. He likes what he sees, so he uses the kids as a fast track to the bedroom. He targets grocery stores, nursery schools where single moms may frequent. He is probably the lowest of them all. He will use small dogs or other peoples babies to make an impression that he is nurturing and caring. Captain kid takes in interest in how beautiful, how handsome or smart your child is. He befriends the boy or the girl, usually having a lollipop or some type of sweets or candy. When he wins the childs' heart it overshadows the mothers sense of judgement. Nothing moves a woman, like people who love her kids, especially if it's a man and when their own father doesn't react this way. 

She will give him any and everything she asks for because she does not want him to leave her kids life. Out of no where, he will find a reason to break it off. This one is the most dangerous of them all, because he doesn't only break your heart, he will hurt your children emotionally. He will do all the right things but when he gets what he wants, he will bail with no regard for how the children feel about losing a father figure.

Men are natural actors. The whole point here is that you cannot go out into the world believing that a man is what he appears to be. When a man wants a woman sexually, when he wants a conquest, he will do anything. He will paint any picture you want to see. First he will take time to observe you and see what appeals to you, then give you everything you want to see. You will believe with all of your heart that this man is God sent, whether this is true or not, take time to let the brother prove it. 

It is important to note that this does not speak for all men, there are good men out there and you don't want to miss out on them. You need to take time to sift between the good men and the players. You can find a good man in church and everywhere else but you need to develop the ability to distinguish between the 2.