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Modern Zulu Dress designs. Find modern Zulu dresses online on Sunika. Discover Top Zulu dresses designers in South Africa for your next outstanding Zulu Wedding dress. 

P & H Boutique



With Heritage day fast approaching, we get a lot of questions about where people can buy ready-made African traditional designs.  We have compiled a few spots in Johannesburg, that will hopefully get you on the right foot with your African fashion designs for heritage day!  



From legendary pioneers like Bongiwe Walaza, a veteran of Traditional African fashion since the early 90s', to emerging talents like Antherline Couture and Khosi Nkosi, South Africa produces enormously talented designers that effortlessly blend respect for age-old traditions with forward-thinking aesthetics. Here are a few names you should know in African Fashion


Antherline Couture - See more>

Khosi Nkosi - See more>

Pink Peplum Shweshwe Top

Majoress - See more>

Rina Chunga Wedding Dress

Rich Factory - See more>

Mebala Couture

Mebala Couture - See more>

Ntombobom Designs

Ntobombom - See more>

Shifting Sands Zulu Wedding Attire

Shifting Sands - See more>

African Bridal Outfit

TN Collective - See more>

Red High Low Traditional Wedding Dress

Eve Collections - See more>




Why list your designs on Sunika ?

If you are a designer, you probably know the pain of having your designs copied or imitated by tailors. 

Showcase your designs on Sunika and let customers know where to find the original piece. We provide a catalogue to showcase your designs as well as your contact details together with your images.

Sunika will publish your images with a watermark over your images, this way, if your images are shared online they will always carry your logo, so designers are safeguarded against copy. Customers will contact you if they wish to get the design as is.

How to list on your designs on Sunika:

Sunika receives over 50 000 visits daily, the the number is still growing.

Listing your traditional Dresses on Sunika will:

*Boost your business exposure.

*Boost your online presence.

*Help you sell more

 Click Here to List your business on Sunika

Before your list your products :

It is a criminal offence to list the work of another designer as your own. Ensure that the images you post to us belong to you.

If your images are already on our website, kindly inform us and we will gladly create your profile and list it in your name.

How much does is cost to list my business on Sunika ?

Listing online is FREE ! However, we publish the Sunika Magazine nationwide, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with us and we can discuss the different packages available

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information regarding a listing on Sunika.


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