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Traditional Dresses worn by African women are considered to be one of the most elegant and beautiful dresses in the world. African clothing represent the rich African culture and tradition. Whether it is west African Clothing, East or South African Traditional Dresses, the traditional elements in each outfit radiate an aura of ethnic splendor. The latest African fashion dresses exhibited online on this blog are high on style and are available in a plethora of designs and color palette. The credit of the latest innovations in African goes to the eminent African fashion designers who have been instrumental in bringing modern inspiration to African Dresses. 

African fashion trends have been evolving constantly over the years and they have also transformed Traditional Attire greatly, but nothing has changed the beauty of these traditional Dresses. The rich African heritage of textile and ethnic elements associated with Africa are displayed intricately in the latest African Print dresses. Recently, the fusion of Western style with traditional African Print has resulted in the creation of trendy African fashion clothes. Indo western African dresses, African Men's Clothing, Traditional Wedding Dresses, African Dresses with Tulle are some of the most fashionable African outfits available today.

African dresses are the epitome of tradition and elegance and have become something that allures almost everyone's attention. It has become one of the most sensuous and stylish clothing throughout the globe. The latest trends in African fashion now incorporate embroidery, sequins and bead work. These embroideries are incorporated into the design to add a dash of elegance. You must choose the correct colour combinations and fabrics, match them up with African accessories, African jewelry, footwear, handbags to add charm to your look.

It isn’t a surprise that plenty of women today look online for African dress designs ideas so if you’re looking for designer African dresses like Zulu Traditional Dresses, Xhosa Traditional Dresses, Pedi Traditional Dresses, Venda Traditional Dresses, Ndebele Traditional Dresses, Tsonga Traditional Dresses, Tswana Traditional Dresses and Sotho Traditional Dresses, Sunika Online Magazine is the best place to look. We showcase top African Fashion Designers in South Africa, Top Traditional Wedding Dresses and Traditional Clothing For Men and more.


Ndebele Wedding Ceremony

Right before a Ndebele wedding, the groom’s mother will usually make a Jocolo, a special apron made from goatskin decorated with beautiful colorful beads. This special garment gets be worn by all the married women during the wedding ceremony, and it represents a mother being surrounded by children.

Are you looking for that perfect African inspired dress for an important African event ? Sunika showcases Traditional African dress designs by African Dress Designers in and around South Africa. See the work by some of our accomplished local and international designers.  

Our mission is to become the largest online platform for African Fashion in South Africa, to promote our local designers and their work. 

We are still compiling our designer directory. Contact us if you wish to be published on this website. 

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