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Modern Zulu Dresses 2019Modern Zulu Dresses have been shaped over the years through its cultural traditions as well as foreign influences. Modern Zulu Traditional clothing designs have carried the ancient clothing influence blending it into modern designs which are still relevant to the Zulu culture, showcasing the traditional fashion sensibilities of the Zulu culture traditions and forms one of the major cultural facets of the new civilization.

Every season, designers create fresh new, nevern been seen modern Zulu Dress designs for every taste. Here are this seasons top trending modern Zulu Dress Designs:

Zulu lady in her imvunulo traditional attire: black top with black patterned skirt, colourful beaded apron and arm band, leopard skin bib and red beaded isicholo hat.

Zulu man in his ibheshu traditional attire: leopard skin bib, animal fur skirt, head band, leather shield and spear.


Stylish Zulu Umblaselo Dress











Winnie Mandela Doeks

 The headpiece has become an iconic fashion statement for traditional and contemporary African fashion. Women regally adorned with various vibrant and elaborate headpieces can be seen at traditional, and increasingly, more modern events. More than a heritage symbol, the African doek, more popularly known as "iduku" gives the African woman a certain level of respect, inner strength and self-confidence. Generally, in the Xhosa culture, more elaborate headpieces indicate seniority. 



Today Winnie Madikizela-Mandela is remembered as a woman who always took pride in her appearance. She had amazing sense of style and Winnies signature look usually included a doek and traditional attire. Her robes were always on the flamboyant side, so was here head gear.  Mama Winnies phenominal doek selection could just never go without mention. A few doek styles from Winnies collections: 


Winnie Mandela Black Doek


Winnie Mandela Doeks


Winnie Mandela Gold Doek

Winnie Mandela Green Doek


Winnie Mandela White Doek


Winnie Mandela Matching Doek


Winnie Mandela Purple Doek


Winnie Mandela Tie and Dye


Winnie Mandela Xhosa Doek


Winnie Mandela Doeks

Traditional Dresses in South Africa

 The term Traditional Dresses now commonly refers to the dresses worn by the native African people in South Africa. Each traditional dress carries a cultural significance to a particular tribe.








































































Dashiki Jumpsuit


Dashiki Dress on White


 Beautiful Dashiki Dress


Dashiki Sleeveless Design

Dashiki On Denim


Green Dashiki Pants Outfit


Halterneck Dashiki Dress


High Collar Dashiki Dress


High Low Dashiki Dress


High Waist Dashiki Design


High Waist Dashiki Skirt


White and Pink Dashiki Dress


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