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10 Latest Natural Dreadlock Styles For Ladies 2019The dreadlocks hairstyle is one of the most versatile natural hairstyles for African Women. You can color them, keep them short or long, braid them, wear a wig or weave under them or experiment with styles as illustrated by the dreadlocks hairstyles photos. 

The greatest benefit is that they are easy to maintain. All you need to do is shampoo them regularly, keeping your dreadlocks clean all the time and when stray hairs and undergrowth appears, you can visit go to the saloon to tuck them back or if you are a DIYer, constantly gel them and keep them looking fresh. As the dreadlocks grow, they look better and neater and require little maintenance. 

So, if you are thinking about growing dreads this gallery of pictures should serve as inspiration for styling your natural dreadlocks.

Curled Front Natural Dreadlocks

Curled Front Natural Dreadlocks

 Natural Dreadlock Style With Top Bun

Natural Dreadlock Style With Top Bun

 Long Natural Dreadlocks Style

Long Natural Dreadlocks Style

 Natural Dreadlocks Braided Style

Natural Dreadlocks Braided Style

 Loose Front Curled Natural Dreadlocks

Loose Front Curled Natural Dreadlocks



Natural Dreadlock Bun Style






Braided Hairstyles 2019  

Braided hairstyles protect your hair from the elements. You can wear protective styles any other time of the year, but mostly in winter to protect your hair from the cold damage. In the Southern African region where it is dry and less humid, African hair especially tends to get dry and brittle causing it to break. Protective styles like braiding with hold down moisturisers and protect your hair during winter when its most vulnerable.

Show off your best protective hairstyles in these trending styles for the season:

1 Braided Boufant

Braided Boufant

 2 Flat Braids

Flat Braids

3 Drop down Senegalese Braids

Drop down Senegalese Braids

4 Loose Braids with Carrot

Loose Braids

5 Flat High braided Twist

High Braided Twist

6  High Braided Carrot

High Plaited Cornrows

7 Stylish Cornrows 

High Plaited Stylish Cornrows

8 Side Swept Twist

Side Swept Twist

 9 Twisted Braids with tinted ends

Twisted Braids with tinted ends

 10 Twisted Box Braids

Twisted Box Braids


Afro Pom Pom

The timeless pom pom hairstyle has been around for ages. It brings elegance and a personalised element to a classic ponytail hairstyle, allowing you to create your own unique trend.

A convenient DIY for those bad hair days, keep a detachable hair piece. Simply wash and gel your hair, blow dry and attached your pom pom.

, before releasing them to create waves for your hair updo. Then bring a touch of the tropical to your look with coloured elastics to finish the look.


#1 Blond Drop Down Pom Pom

Go against the grain and incorporate loose dropping styling for your ponytail

Blond Drop Down Pom Pom

#2 Curly Pom Pom 

This look is perfect for a flirty outfit, bad hair days. Curls give you the sexiest messy buns on the planet!

Curly Pom Pom

 #3 Afro Pom Pom

You won't go wrong with the Afro Pom Pom, it gives you a natural dazzling finish that wont disappoint.

Afro Pom Pom


#4 Double Pom Pom

Feeling playful and flirty ? The double pom pom is unique and different for those days you want to feel young again

Double Pom Pom

 #5 Drop Down Long Pom Pom

Add a touch of class with the long tail drop down pom pom if you want something different.

Drop Down Pom Pom

 #6 Full Head Pom Pom

The full head pom pom looks dazzling especially with a hint of blond

Full Head Pom Pom

#7 Small Blond Pom Pom

Use your natural hair if you're the kind tha doesn't like big hair

Small Blond Pom Pom

Wavy Short Hairstyle
There are many benefits to relaxed short hair for African women: it's easy to style and is less stressfull to handle when sleeping. 
Short hairstyles for black women stand out in bringing about exceptional creativity, especially when you get a great hairstylist who can do a good styling.
For the natural black girl with naturally thick and dense hair, Short hairstyles have great versatility and give you that amazing look you have been yearning for. 

#1 Gel Sides Bob Cut Hairstyle

Gel Sides Bob Cut Hairstyle

Lovely Short Hair Style with a hint of red

Lovely Short Hair Style

 3 Tinted Short Black Hair

Tinted Short Black Hair

4 Wavy Short Hairstyle

Wavy Short Hairstyle

 5 Short Relaxed Hair Style

Short Relaxed Hair Style

6 Wavy Short Hair

Wavy Short Hair



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