What are Sisterlocks?

Sisterlocks are thinner dreadlocks, which you can styles just like your own natural hair.

The thin locks have become a popular choice for protective hairstyles among many African women as the best choice for protective styles.


The difference between Sisterlocks and common Traditional dreadlocks

Traditional dreadlocks are a usually done by using a variety of methods which include crotchet technique, coiling, twisting, or palm-rolling. Traditional Dreadlocks are generally thicker and are formed at the root of your hair. 
Sisterlocks are very thin and are a bit more intricate to install than traditional dreadlocks. they are installed using much smaller portions of your hair, with a special tool that builds the lock from your ends to your roots. Unlike traditional locks, no product is used for making sisterlocks.


Advantages of Sisterlocks

Many naturalists are opting for  Sisterlocks as a long-term protective style because they are a versatile natural hairstyle option. You can braid, roller set, color sisterlocks, giving you free rein to style you hair with various styles and hair colour trends.

How much does it cost to get the Sisterlocks hairstyle?

Typically, sisterlocks can cost you anywhere between R850 and R1,500 in South Africa, but this can vary by location. However, pricing should not be the deciding factor when you are trying to get this hairstyle. It’s important to find a professional to ensure that you get your desired results.


Where can I get Sisterlocks near me ?

Find a local sisterlocks hairdresser who is well experienced in your area on the Local Business Directory in South Africa.  If you are an experienced Sisterlocks expert, you can register your business on the Local Bee and be found by people looking for sisterlocks in your area.


How long does it take to grow Sisterlocks


Long Sisterlocks


Starter sisterlocks


Long Tinted Sisterlocks


Sisterlocks on thin hair


Artificial Sisterlocks


curly sisterlocks


styling short sisterlocks


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Sisterlocks on Relaxed Hair