Braided Hairstyles 2022Braided hairstyles protect your hair from the elements. You can wear protective styles any other time of the year, but mostly in winter to protect your hair from the cold damage. In the Southern African region where it is dry and less humid, African hair especially tends to get dry and brittle causing it to break. Protective styles like braiding with hold down moisturisers and protect your hair during winter when its most vulnerable.

Show off your best protective hairstyles in these trending styles for the season:


















1 Braided Boufant

Braided Boufant

 2 Flat Braids

Flat Braids

3 Drop down Senegalese Braids

Drop down Senegalese Braids

4 Loose Braids with Carrot

Loose Braids

5 Flat High braided Twist

High Braided Twist

6  High Braided Carrot

High Plaited Cornrows

7 Stylish Cornrows 

High Plaited Stylish Cornrows

8 Side Swept Twist

Side Swept Twist

 9 Twisted Braids with tinted ends

Twisted Braids with tinted ends

 10 Twisted Box Braids

Twisted Box Braids