Shweshwe Shirt
Green Heart Creations

African grooms are pampered with a sophisticated array of Shweshwe Shirts to complete the now very popular 'His and Hers" fashion for couples. Shweshwe is ideal not only for men to wear during special occasions but as part of their casual wear as well. 

Shweshwe shirts are comfortable and versatile. There is no specific occasion for wearing Shweshwe Shirts. Modern-day casual shweshwe shirts have evolved and are now available as slim fit, v-neck, oxford button down, or dress shirts. Look your best for any occasion, festival, wedding or a formal ceremony, you will find a shweshwe shirt for any occasion

Today, African clothing for men is amongst the most sort after around the world. Wearing traditional men's ethnic wear is a great way of embracing the cultural heritage of African and still keeping up with the latest fashion trends. 

For fashionistas who wish to carry a style of their own, there is a large room for experimentation. You can mix and match different styles with various types of jeans and pants.

Shweshwe Blue ShirtShweshwe Shirt By Greenheart Creations

Like traditional womens clothing, shweshwe shirts are also an example of how south meets west in the most stylish and effective manner. By bringing incorporating local African prints with western style designs, designers have created a whole new breed of Traditional African clothes. The difference is in the cuts fitting and prints.


Shweshwe Shirt Wtih Patchwork





Linen Shirt With Shweshwe


Golf Shirt With Shweshwe Detail


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