8 Things You No Longer Have to Pay ForWe all know that technology is making things a bit easier and less time consuming but is hard to believe how much the internet has transformed the way we live. Because we are in the information age, this means information is right at our fingertips. Think of anything, just about anything, someone somewhere has written about it in detail and most information-based products are available for free on the internet. Here are some of the things we don't need to pay for anymore because of the internet.

1. Medical Consultations

You can Ask a Doctor online for things like strep throat and ear infections and just go to the pharmacy to get the recommended treatment. When you have Medical questions, you are unsure about An emergency, Diagnosis, Treatment. For general queries, the replies by GPs are quick, like an online doctor chat. You can then ask a doctor free follow-up questions.

However, the internet isn't about to replace your doctor anytime soon, it is strongly recommended to see a doctor in person for more serious medical issues.

2.Travel Agents

Thanks to online travel booking sites, everyone is their own personal travel agent and you no longer have to pay a travel agent. It is estimated that the number of travel agents will decline by 12 percent over the next ten years.

But travel agents may not completely die out, the value-add that agents can bring to the travel experience will be difficult to obviate completely, either through disintermediation or automation According to Skift, a global travel industry intelligence provider.

3. Bookkeepers

Technological change and automation have reduced demand for these workers. Sites like QuickBooks Online and Receipt Bank can automatically download your bank account information and prepare a simple Form 1040 and Schedule form.

4. IT Support

Check Google or Youtube "How-to" tutorials before you consult an IT expert for any hardware or software related issues. There is always a solution for most of the technical issues you may have with your personal computer.

5. Website Design

Designing a website is not very difficult. There are many platforms like Wordpress, Joomla which you can download and start building your website, learning as you go. You may not always have to pay someone to build your website, after all, this is just the same things they use. You can buy ready-made website templates to suit your niche and you're good to go.

6. Tutorials

The Internet is full of detailed information about anything you can think of. Sewing, gardening, animal breeding or Photography course. It could be a skill you want to master or how-to execute a task, a lot of it is freely available. You might start by taking some free online courses or Youtube and learn as you go.

7. Magazines and newspapers

With most communication now conducted online, print is probably the biggest casualty of the decade. Whatever Topics you get in print magazine, you will get tons of websites writing the same topic. Digital magazines are the way to go. Print magazines and newspapers are crumbling, while e-readers are increasing in popularity, paper is now on serious life support. Physical maps have been replaced by GPS on your phone