6 Reasons Why You Should Never Chase A ManWhether you are just starting out in a relationship or you've been dating for a while, when a guy starts showing signs of disinterest, find out why. If it's something you cannot fix, but you really love this man, you probably need to consider an exit, yes, against your strong feelings!

If a man is into you, he'll make it known. If not, then it's probably best that you avoid chasing after him, because it will only increase your chances of getting hurt in the end.

Why do women chase after men? 

When you ask yourself this question, it's important that you understand what your goal really is. Is your goal to have him fall in love with you? Or is your goal to get into a relationship just for the sake of having one?

Men are a tough nut to crack. They are more competitive than women, and even in today’s world of feminism, they still tend to be considerably less emotional than their female counterparts.

If you are a girl who has ever been on the path of pursuing a man, then you will most certainly relate to the points below:

1. He does not deserve you

The right man is a gift to a woman in how he treats her. There is a mutual submission and honour in their respective roles in the relationship, therefore neither should feel superior to the other because of their accolades, their title, or their outward success. This is a reminder that as decorated as someone can be on the outside, they are still human on the inside, and that’s the part you as a future spouse will have to live with, so choose wisely. If this man doesn't value you or see your worth, he does not deserve you.

2. Don't stay where you are not valued

When a guy develops feelings for a woman, which makes him feel the relationship is important, it means he values the woman, and doesn’t want to lose her friendship or love.

When you have something you consider important and you assign high value to it, do you not consider it something you cherish? My guess would be you most certainly do, and there is absolutely nothing unusual about it. How would that be any different?

Considering a woman (or anyone you care about) to be a cherished prize is merely another way to recognize you love them, value their friendship, value their opinions, value how they make you feel when you’re around them, appreciate their advice, and enjoy being with them. It really is just this simple. Doing this is the antithesis of actually valuing another person, and makes the person who is being objectified feel less valued as a woman and human.

3. He will not make you happy

We enter into relationships for love, companionship, happiness and whatever else you are seeking in a partner. When your partner begins to show signs of disinterest in your dating, he is unlikely to give you the satisfaction of a fulfilling relationship. From this point on, you can choose to ignore the red flags for the sake of "being in a relationship" and then settle where you are disregarded then it becomes your lifestyle. 

Value yourself enough to know what's acceptable and what is not. Set your standards and rather opt to move on than to accept this kind of treatment. 

4. It's not going anywhere, it's not worth your time.

Whatever you do, everything has got to have purpose. When you start dating, is it just for sex, or are you dating to be married? Do you want to waste time for "let me see?"

When you realise that this is not going anywhere, it's important to note that your heart is invested, time is invested, money is invested yet you know it's really not going anywhere. Decide now to stop wasting your time with a man who doesn't love you.

When you meet your soul mate, you will usually know it instantly. If he/she is the one you will know, if they are not, you will know. When you don't know, it's not it!

That being said, you must decide never to waste time on anything that is not worth it.

5. Staying in a relationship where you are not valued will diminish yourself worth

If you manage to make him stay, yet he clearly shows he is not interested in you, it will only make you accustomed to being in a relationship where you are not respected and not valued, and this is unlikely to change in the long term. Be confident in yourself and don't chase after a man. Instead, take this time to revisit your relationship goals. Remind yourself what your ideal partner is: a person who respects and values you as you are. 

6. Don't let Mr. Right pass you by, while you chase Mr. Wrong

We all know that being in love involves feelings and feelings are not something you can brush off overnight. Start preparing your exit slowly, remind yourself constantly that he is not the one and realise that if your future is gong to be a good one, it will only be good if its shared with a man who loves you, not a man you love!