Igbo Nigerian Attire Styles 2022The Nigerian Traditional Wedding Dresses are among some of the most beautiful and colorful in Africa. It is a source of pride to every Nigerian that their traditional wears are worn by many other tribes across Nigeria. The unique designs and color choices were made over generations to demonstrate the artistic skills of the Nigerian people.

Some of the most popular Nigerian Traditional Wedding Dresses include the Agbada, the Ipele, and the Buba. The Agbada is a long robe worn by men. It is usually made from brightly colored fabric, and it is heavily decorated with lace and other embellishments. 

The Nigerian Igbo Traditional Attire

The most popular Nigerian traditional attire is the the Isiagu aka Chieftancy or the white wrapper for the Igbo people. It has been a part of the Nigerian tradition from time immemorial. The igbos are known for their rich culture and heritage, which is displayed in their traditional attires.

The traditional costume of Igbo people refers to the styles of dress that has been passed down from one generation to the other, in Igboland. It is made up of various designs, patterns and colors which are usually characteristic of a particular community.


The Igbo traditional costumes will include the following styles




-Ikpo Nta

-Igba Ala/Ejikeme

-Jimu Agbada (Queen’s dress)

-Isi Agbada (King’s dress)

-Isi Ala (Wedding gown)



Attire for Igbo traditional marriage

The beauty of the Igbo traditional wears can not only be seen on the surface; but also in the intricate details that have been worked into them. The different color choices and combinations, as well as patterns and symbols used to represent concepts like wealth, power, authority and status, have a deeper meaning.

Here are 14 Beautiful Igbo traditional dresses for women in 2022:





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