While most businesses have been negatively affected by the Corona virus, there are a few that will thrive because of it.

Business bringing the necessary relief to patients and hospitals are in high demand, as well as products and services that serve the general public while in lock down have seen a major upswing.

While many people are losing jobs, there are parts of the economy that are giving us a glimmer of hope in these trying times and they are as Follows:

1. Masks and Medical Supplies

The global demand for items like disposable gloves, ventilators and face masks is unprecedented. Public panic buying and stock piling gloves, face masks and medical alcohol has let to shortages. Manufacturers and supply chains are working around the clock to keep up with the demand but they are still not able to. So for the Medical supplies industry business is good.

2. Cleaning Services

Cleaning services have seen an unexpected upturn in sales as they battle to keep up with the demand for public places requiring sanitising services. Commercial buildings and medical facilities are the largest part of the market as they increase the frequency or the cleaning regimen. They also require harsher germ killing chemicals to be used to counter the spread of the Corona Virus. This is one area where staff recruitment remains strong and looks set to remain stable as standards will remain high even after the wake of this virus.

3. Drones

Before this point, drone delivery seemed more like a novelty than a reality, but since the Corona epidemic took hold, drones are being employed in many ways. In China, drones were used to disinfect public places by spraying disinfectants. China, South Korea and Spain have also used drones to police members of the public leaving their homes during the enforced lockdown period.

During the peak of the epidemic in February, drones where used were used to fly medical samples and quarantine materials into a Xinchang Province in China. This allowed fast feedback and protected people from spreading the virus to delivery staff.

4. Grocery Store liquor

Even during partial shutdowns, governments have closed public gathering places, bars and restaurants. And in some cases liquor stores fall into this category. That leaves only one option, to pursue the limited section of the alcohol isle in the supermarket. Because of this, retailers are struggling to keep up with the demand.

5. Drive in Movie theatres

In Countries lucky enough not be be in a complete lockdown, there’s still a level of freedom to be out and about. However, there aren’t many people opting for cramped public spaces right now so instead of traditional movie theatres, the old time drive in cinemas have made a come back. It’s much safer and is a great way to get the family out of the house, keep a distance from others.

The positive experience of revisiting this classic past time will surely re ignite an interest in this business even after Corona.

6. Shopping Delivery Services

Social distancing imposed by the government and pushed the last few stragglers who hadn’t signed up for online shopping. The immediate need had caused for some people a complete reliance for delivered groceries and essentials. The complete shutdown last year cause a huge spike in an already stretched delivery service.

7. Board games and puzzle makers

Board games probably have never seen a boom like this since the home computer was introduced. There’s only so much screen time you can endure during isolation, and families are returning to the charm of the board game.

8. Fitness Equipment Companies

Gyms all over the world are closed during partial and total lockdowns and that is leading the way for home fitness markets to have the type of resurgence when home shopping took off. If we are going to be confined to our homes, there’s no need to let ourselves go. Recent sales trends are confirming, we plan to stay in shape.

9. Video Conferencing and Document Handling

Many companies have rapidly adopted to working from home as shutdowns are imminent or already implemented. This opens up a huge demand for services to connect work teams to each other. There’s also been a huge increase in sign-ups for online conferencing, work groups and collaboration sites that help host business operations remotely.

Another requirement for working from home is secure document signing, scanning and secure sending. This is prompting software sign-ups as staff are away from office printers that would ordinarily conduct this kind of work.

10. Online gaming

One way social distancing can feel slightly less isolating is online gambling. Here you can interact with other gamers as you can work together or play against each other. The subscriptions to join can be quite high and adding features can also cost more so revenue is currently streaming into the industry.

11. Toilet paper, soap sales and hand sanitiser

Panic buying has led to a huge demand for toilet paper, although the Corona virus only affects the respiratory system, people are stocking up on toilet paper and we are still not sure why and how that is. Soap sales have also hit an all time high. Hand sanitiser is currently the most in demand product right now, at par with face masks.

12. Remote Doctors Services

As the virus tends to be spread mostly before a person realises they are infected, there is a call for  strict social distancing.  Also, immuno compromised people also need to reduce any exposure to the general public at all costs. For these reasons and many more, there’s a massive demand for remote doctor consultation. Online services offering this are inundated with patients, with new patients signing-up daily and the plus side is Physicians can practice from home which keeps them safe from infections too.

13. Telecommunications

Lockdown means we can no longer share important moments with family or friends. Going for a coffee or family gatherings. This means more than ever, we rely on our phones to keep close to family and friends to keep contact. Social distancing doesn’t necessarily  mean isolation, but it does mean a lot more remote contact. People are resurrecting the Skype accounts to have group gatherings. All of this means big business for internet and voice service providers. Less time in the office means more time to watch YouTube, share memes and scroll Instagram. The knock of is that the data usage increases which means a major payday for data providers.