Plus Size Shweshwe Dress By Lufi D

Step into the season with in style with this seasons hottest Plus Size Shweshwe Dresses to fit any shape or size. We have compiled a collection of Plus Size Traditional Dresses for the fuller figure to suit every shape and style.

A few plus size tips:

-Avoid flimsy or thin fabrics, get fabrics that have a strong structure and and firm hold like denim or shweshwe. Thin fabrics of fuller figures will most often reveal the parts you want to conceal. Stiff structure hangs off the skin a little better, Shweshwe fabric is most ideal for its strength and versatility, it will give you a decent flow but will stay in place.

-Gone are the days when we used to be body shamed for the fuller figure, embrace your curves and flaunt your favourite features, know yr strong points: if you have nice legs, draw attention to your beautiful legs and wear shorter, if you have a lovely back , go for slightly lower cut back dresses.

Tailoring is your best friend

Its not always easy to get the style you want all the time, whether its jeans, dresses or skirts. Many times eaither the jeans fit perfectly but the waist is too big, or you need a few tweaks to get the perfect fit, get a good tailor to alter or make your dresses.


Plus Size Shweshwe Dress with Tulle























 Georgeos Plus Size Shweshwe Dress

Plus Size Blue and Red Shweshwe Dress



Beautiful Plus Size Shweshwe Dress

Plus Size Shweshwe Dress By Lufi D






Plus Size African Dresses